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STUDIO 13 - Daniel Ramirez Art

Rio Rancho,  NM 
United States
  • Booth: 619

Our business has been a leader in contemporary art innovation, thus demonstrating the range of new Native American directions in art. Our innovations include interpreting Indiginous arts using digital imagery and designing and incorporating these images in several other media.  In 1999, Daniel Ramirez received the prestigious Dupont Antron Award for his work in carpet design. We continue to consult and support tribal entities with art matters concerning museum and casino designs and renovation.

 Press Releases

  • Since its creation in 2006, Daniel Ramirez and Studio13 are proud to present for the first time The Worlds Longest Native American Painting at NIGA. This painting project is now available in many different sizes and formats. It gives the opportunity to bring Native American Culture in one of the most visited venues offered by tribal entities accross the entire Nation. We are proud to combine indiginous teachings and the exceptional quality of artistry by Awards winning Chippewa painter Daniel Ramirez.


    Studio 13 proposes a comprehensive list of Fine Art Giclee Prints on paper or on canvas of all 10 sections available from the reknown World's Longest Native American Painting Project....

  • The Women of Many Nations

    The second section of the World Longest Native American Painting was created in 2008-2009. The major goal of this painting project is the discovery of North America’s Indigenous Tribal Nations so we can better understand and be more aware of the many nations throughout the United States.   Daniel Ramirez process has been to use Art and Culture to help us discover how Native American Women  play a very important role in the lives of Native People throughout history and today.

    Depiction of the tribes represented from Left to Right:  Two Blackfoot, Odawa, Chippewa (Daniel’s great aunt), Kaw, Cherokee, Osage, Tohono O’odham, Taos, Hopi, San Ildefonso, San Felipe family, Zuni, Acoma, Navajo couple

     Our line of prints uses the most archival and up to date technologies of art reproductions.

    1) Opened edition on paper matted : Dim.10"x23" Price $120

    2) Limited edition prints on paper matted and framed. Dim.13"x 40" Price $700 to $900

    3) Limited edition prints on canvas hand enhanced by theartist. Dim.18"x72" Price $2,800

    This image illustrates one of many of the available Archival Prints on canvas and on paper that you can google by simply searching "Daniel Ramirez Art"...

  • Studio13 proposes a very large collection of images that are available to view on our website. Please visit us on google by simply writing "Daniel Ramirez Art"
    The line of reproduction works are all created by Daniel Ramirez and  include
    1) Limited Edition prints on archival paper  Dim: 20"x26"  Price : $375  Framed version = $800
    2) Opened Edition prints on paper matted with archival mat  Dim 20"x24" Price: $120
    3) Opened Edition prints on paper matted with archival mat  Dim 14"x18" Price: $75
    4 ) Limited Edition on Canvas enhanced by the artist - Framed. Dim: 24"x30" Price : $900
    5) Opened Edition Prints on paper double matted - Dim: 8"x10" = $25
    Third Section of the World's Longest Native American Painting...

  • Passing On Traditions

    Depiction of the tribes represented from Left to Right:  (not including children except when next to adult) Navajo, four Ojibwe (Daniel’s family), Julia Parker (Pomo Miwok), Apache Basketmaker, Tohono O’odham, Sioux Dollmaker, Jemez Potter, Menominee family, Potowattomi Strawberry Carrier, Ho-Chunk family, Onieda family, Santa Domingo family, Comanche (La Donna Harris), Yakima elder, Santa Domingo potter (Tenorio)

    This section is available in several type of products

    1) Opened edition archival print on paper matted. Dim 10"x23" Price $120

    2) Limited Edition archival print on fine art paper framed. Dim 13"x40" Price $700 to $900

    3) Limited Edition archival print on canvas enhanced by the artist. Dim 18"x72"  Price $2,800

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