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Markham,  ON 
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With roots in broadcast and cable television Capital Networks has been in business since 1991. Throughout the years our always evolving Audience CMS has proven to be a flexible and reliable solution for a variety of out-of-home media and advanced digital signage networks with a strong emphasis on communications signage in the corporate, municipal, hospitality, healthcare and education industries.

Since 1991 we’ve been proud to work with a growing list of repeat customers throughout North America and across the globe, with products and services being sold into more than 40 countries. Companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with include Humber River Hospital, Queensway Carleton Hospital, Peel Regional Police, Woodbine Entertainment Group, City of Hamilton, City of Markham, York University, Deloitte, Curtiss-Wright, Boston Pizza and more.

From system integration and installation to end user training and post-sale support, we offer flexible, reliable, and highly scalable custom solutions.

Brands: Flexible, scalable and efficient, our always evolving Audience™ CMS has proven to be a highly reliable solution for a variety of verticals with a strong emphasis on communications digital signage.


  • Audience™ - CMS
    Our always evolving Audience™ CMS has proven to be a flexible and reliable solution for a variety of out-of-home media and advanced digital signage networks with a strong emphasis on communications signage....

  • The Audience™ platform has consistently proven to be a scalable and flexible solution that can not only meet a client’s immediate needs but also position them to expand and accommodate new and different digital signage applications in the future.​

    Capital Networks has assisted several customers transition from an existing solution to the Audience™ platform when their current system was no longer able to meet their visual communications needs. As is often the case with digital signage projects, success leads to the customer wanting to expand and enhance their deployment only to find that their existing product is incapable of growing with them. ​

    Faced with the undesirable option of running two separate systems, they often turn to Capital Networks to migrate to the fully featured Audience™ platform which provides the features and flexibility to help customers reach their full potential.​

  • Audience™ - Digital Greeters
    Live 2-Way Video Chat - Our digital greeter solution offers a safe, effective and efficient means of interactive communication for both staff and visitors of venues in a wide variety of verticals....

    • Offers a truly interactive digital experience.
    • Requested content is available for download to mobile devices.
    • Dynamic NFC and QR code technology allows for a touchless interactive experience.
    • Less physical interaction provides a safer environment for both visitors and staff.
    • Communicates current facility health and safety guidelines to both visitors and staff.
    • Provides LIVE emergency alerts and corresponding procedures.
    • Screens continue to provide a rotation of relevant information to passing traffic when not actively engaged.
  • Audience™ - Access Control Displays
    Real-Time People Counting - Our advanced access control solution is configured to relay data to strategically placed screens, which then display real-time cautionary messages and optional audible warnings when capacity is met....

    • Easy to operate. (owner)
    • Easy to understand. (viewer)
    • Automated signage reduces need for enforcement and frees up staff.
    • Real-time automation ensures Stop/Go messaging is always based on current traffic.
    • Capacity triggers are easily updated based on current and constantly changing restrictions (unlike print).
    • Capable of optional audio alerts.
    • Operators have the ability to bypass automation and manually trigger content using their mobile device.
    • Stop/Go messaging can be run in tandem with facility branding and content.
  • Audience™ - Room Status Monitors (RSM)
    Critical Information Displays for Hospitals/Healthcare - The RSM presents staff/residents/visitors with real-time pertinent information about the current occupancy of a room behind a closed door, along with recommended precautions for potential hazards....

    • Provides timely and relevant messaging to staff and visitors.
    • Easy remote management: add corporate communications, health and safety messaging, staff schedules and other important reminders.
    • Supports integration with existing systems to share appropriate real-time information from booking calendars, room records and electronic medical records.
    • Icons provide clear visual indicators for potential dangers and precautions.
    • Broadcast real-time emergency alerts via existing facility systems or physical triggers.
  • Audience™ - Mobile Engagement
    Interactive Mobile Solutions - Looking to improve engagement with your audience? By integrating dynamic NFC and QR code technology with our platform viewers can access and easily download on-screen content to their mobile device....

    • Contactless communication between screen and mobile device
    • User-friendly, non-invasive opt-in experience for the viewer
    • Interactive content engages the audience and encourages participation
    • Direct measurement of viewer response helps operators determine ROI