Navori Labs

Montreal,  QC 
  • Booth: 311

Navori Labs is a Swiss software innovator and global leader in digital signage, computer vision and AI driven marketing analytics software. We have over 20 years of experience delivering premium technologies and large-scale deployment expertise to customers around the world. Our multiplatform software uses an open architecture and is developed in-house by a team of highly qualified engineers. We offer cloud and on-premise products that are third-party certified for government and enterprise use.


  • QL Digital Signage Software
    Navori QL is a scalable and enterprise-grade digital signage software platform. It features an open architecture, an intuitive web-based CMS and a proprietary API for third-party integration. QL is available in Cloud and On-Premise hosting models....

  • Navori Labs’ QL digital signage software now includes Smart Content Automation to optimize end-user communication strategies, leveraging data, AI and scenario-driven content from several Navori innovations. This includes Navori’s new Computer Vision application for anonymous audience and campaign measurement, business intelligence (inventory, pricing) and data feeds (weather, social media).

    The new QL Stix 3700 hardware solution, which offers a compact, attachable 4K media content player with 64-bit processing for Android 9 operating systems.

    QL Multi-Platform Support for network operators, emphasizing the power of Navori’s versatile QL Player software to natively play out content within any hardware or OS environment. Users can easily manage a mix of SoC displays, multi-screen video walls and interactive installations with a common QL Player software platform.

  • Aquaji - Camera-Based Analytics
    Aquaji is Navori Labs’ AI-enhanced computer vision software that delivers reliable and comparable marketing analytics data to measure visitor foot-traffic and behavior in physical spaces to improve customer experience....

  • Aquaji is proprietary software developed by Navori Labs, a Swiss innovator and global leader in AI-enhanced computer vision technologies. Aquaji interprets video feed from one or more cameras to produce reliable and comparable marketing analytics data to measure visitor foot-traffic and customer behavior in physical spaces.  For continuous improvement, Aquaji count visitors and gathers demographic data, length of stay, wait time and attention span KPIs.

    The software can be used to manage physical stores, assess marketing activities, and improve customer satisfaction. Aquaji will help you understand your store’s traffic patterns, measure the impact of your advertising campaigns, test your product assortment, improve wait time perception, and optimize your staff levels to meet customer demand.

    When used in conjunction with Navori’s QL digital signage platform, Aquaji delivers targeted content to any display or device based on the audience profile and can also perform as a business intelligence feeder for cross-data analysis.

    Aquaji is a strategic marketing analytics solution that improves business performance and enhances your customer’s experience.  Know Your Customers - Step up your game!

  • QL STiX 3700 - 4K Media Player
    The new QL Stix 3700 hardware solution, which offers a compact, attachable 4K media content player with 64-bit processing for Android 9 operating systems....

  • StiX 3700 is a powerful, Android based, 4k media player developed exclusively by Navori Labs. It’s covered by a 3 year warranty and designed for reliable 24/7/365 digital signage use.

    The small form factor allows it to be easily hidden behind any display and you will find the price very hard to beat!

    Stix 3700 Android media player delivers QL users a solid hardware solution with three main benefits:

    • Professional-grade 4K media player with zero compromises featuring sophisticated template rendering and flawless media transitions across all your screens.
    • A fully Plug and Play experience for any type of screen. Total support for every screen size and orientation with easy maintenance.
    • A 3-year warranty.
  • STiX 5700 - Computer Vision Analytics Device
    Start your analytics operations right. StiX 5700 supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), and all AQUAJI features. Use it for your analytics....

  • StiX 5700 comes equipped with specific Intel components for artificial intelligence processing. This device supports all current and future AQUAJI features at less than half the cost of a Windows PC.

    StiX 5700 includes two internal Intel® Movidius ™ Myriad ™ X VPUs. These are the AI components used for video stream analysis. Optionally, you can add two additional Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2s, for a total of 4 VPUs.