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Thank you for checking out our interactive sensor platform!

Nexmosphere’s products are used to create beautiful interactive experiences using exciting technology wherever digital signage is applied. We develop, manufacture and sell sensors and controls, offering a robust platform solution. Utilizing our API, the platform is easy to use with almost any digital hardware platform and runs with many CMS systems.

The definition of an experience is something that happens to you that affects how you feel. A true experience is an event that addresses the senses, creates emotion, and in doing so, is memorized. We help you build these experiences by offering our interactive sensor platform consisting off:


Our collection of sensors and interfaces, such as presence, pick-up, light, color, and capacitive touch and non-touch sensors. 


Used to combine Elements and connect them to a Digital Signage player or PC. The controller is the part of the system that translates the communication coming from the Elements to the connected device and vice versa. Some of the Controllers have additional functionalities embedded into them such as LED control or audio switching.

Brands: Nexmosphere Elements Nexmosphere Xperience controllers