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  • Booth: 2748

Founded in 1980, DTS is an industry leader in professional lighting design. Driven by our passion and extensive experience, we create and manufacture unique projectors addressed to both entertainment and architectural markets.

Started as a family business, DTS owns 3 production plants (totaling 12,000 square meters) and sells worldwide to more than 70 countries. All production phases are completely based in Italy, from concept to assembly, and all the company’s suppliers operate in the same region, supporting and strengthening the local economy.

The result is a wide range of innovative products with unparalleled quality, sealed by the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification
and recognized by a growing number of architects, designers, distributors and system integrators. DTS offers a range of services to ensure each project fulfills the customer’s unique set of requirements.

Our Mission is to offer lighting solutions (products, systems and services) in compliance with the needs of the international market, delivering the design and the Italian manufacturing know-how and working side by side with industry professionals.

 Press Releases

  • The Italian professional lighting brand will attend the exhibition for the first time since 2016

    The news was shared across the company’s social media platforms at the beginning of September. DTS had previously announced an exclusive partnership with American Distribution company Apex technologies in July 2021, marking its official return to the American market. Members of both companies will be attending the event.

    DTS will be stationed at booth 2748 and will showcase its latest wash moving head Alchemy 7, designed to meet the everchanging needs of theater and television. A range of projectors from DTS’s entertainment line will also be at the exhibition like Synergy 7, profile moving head whose output reaches up to 55,000 lumen.

    Carmen Savarese, International Sales manager at DTS lighting, says she’s enthusiastic to attend the exhibition “We’re very glad to be able to attend this year as our company’s return to the United States marks the start of a new chapter for us. LDI gives us the chance to show what we’ve been focusing on last year, which is expanding our entertainment line and providing the industry with a range of projectors that would fit into the most prestigious venues.”

    Raffaella Scaccia, Sales Director at DTS has previously stated that the company is committed to expanding its entertainment line, as the industry has been deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic and is only now starting to recover.

    Even though the past two years have been hard on the entertainment industry, we decided to research and design new products that would have been available when shows would be back at full capacity:”

    About the company

    DTS was founded in 1980 in Misano Adriatico, Italy, and produces entertainment and architainment professional lighting equipment. While all of DTS production processes happen in Italy, the company counts distributors in over 80 countries across the globe and is planning on expanding even more in the next few years.

    DTS Illuminazione contacts


    Sales Department

    Raffaella Scaccia – raffaella.scaccia@dts-lighting.it

    Carmen Savarese – carmen.savarese@lighting.it

    Marketing Department

    Serena Creatore – serena.creatore@dts-lighting.it


  • Alchemy 7
    It was designed to meet the needs of theatre and television. Newest technical feature is a 2-blade framing system with a 180° full system rotation. Blades operate on discrete planes and can recreate a complete curtain effect fully enter the visual field....

  • Alchemy 7 was launched on June 16th on the company’s social media platforms, with one of its focal points being its superior-quality light. Like its predecessors, Alchemy 7 features a 6-color chip LED source that allows to recreate a wide range of shades, especially when it comes to pastel tones. Moreover, its tungsten emulation function will allow the LED projector to generate the same effect of halogen lamps on the dimming curve.

    From a technical standpoint, Alchemy 7 presents some impressive new features like a 2-blade framing system with a 180° full system rotation, and a more powerful lumen output that reaches up to 22,000 lumens. This output is nearly constant throughout its linear CCT that goes from 1,800 K to 10,000 K, granting CRI and TLCI values up to 98 and 96.

    The outstanding capability of the Alchemy series regarding color management and white calibration is reconfirmed in Alchemy 7. A vast array of gel filters is never enough, except with this luminaire where desaturation or gel mixing is possible, even when changing color temperature or when calibrating the green tint.

    The combination between the vast creative possibilities this projector allows, and its enhanced technical features makes it possible to satisfy the most complex lighting demands, and to uphold a new standard of quality in the most prestigious venues around the world.

    Raffaella Scaccia, Sales Director at DTS lighting comments enthusiastically about the product launch: “Alchemy 7 marks a stepping stone for our company. We believe it will meet expectations for both creative and technical demands and will positively impact our future. Our vision is to keep being a leader in the professional lighting field, and to design Italian-made products that will be known as top-quality in the industry”

  • Synergy 7 Profile
    With an output up to 55,000 lumens and a 4-blade rotating framing system, Synergy 7 Profile offers incredible versatility and freedom of use. The unit employs a 1050W pure white LED source, coupled with a long excursion linear zoom with autofocus....

    Get ready for a whole new lighting experience with the new Synergy 7. Discover the power of its 1050 W pure white LED source (7000 K 55,000 Lumens output) and a massive 101,000 Lux luminosity (7° @ 5 m). Enjoy the wider, custom-designed 7° to 52° zoom system with auto focus, evenly diffused and flat beam. 

    The two gobo wheels can work together or singularly, including a new “mosaic” feature for multicolor effects.
    A newly added filter wheel contains several filters that improve the use of white light on both objects and people.

    The efficient dissipation system ensures a constant silent operation. At maximum intensity the measured noise level is only 36 dBA @ 1 m (fans setting = Ultra-Silent)You can switch directly from Ultra-Silent mode to Silent or Standard via DMX.

    Synergy 7’s gobos are perfectly focused at any zoom angle and any distance, even when framed. The linear Frost filter allows you to gradually move from hard-edge to soft-edge projections. The high quality lenses and frost filter make available working with gobos even when they are frosted or out of focus.

    Synergy 7 Profile has been implemented with two new functions in order to optimize camera shootings in terms of dimming and flickering. The Hybrid Diming improves the dimmer response curve in terms of flickering, effectively removing it. On the other hand, the Frequency Fine funcion allows the fine tuning of the LED's output frequency at any given value.

    The framing system features 4 blades operating on 4 discrete planes.
    This setup allows each blade to fully enter / exit the visual field with a real ‘curtain’
    effect, and rotate 60° (+/- 30°). Also the whole framing system can rotate 90° (+/- 45°).
    Furthermore, the Iris allows to reduce the beam opening at greater distances.

    SYNERGY 7 PROFILE offers two CRI options (DMX-selectable):
    CRI >90 for life-like colors and beautifully natural skin tone in theatre and TV shootings;
    CRI >75 for a terrific luminosity up to 55,000 lumens

    Dynamove is an FX engine which delivers a range of stunning 3D-like dynamic
    animation effects. Powerful macros put at your fingertips a variety of ready-to-use
    multi-layer lighting effects.
    Virtual Animation Wheel replaces the classic animation wheel, and lets you create
    a range of outstanding dynamic backgrounds.

    The right color for your lighting design is always at hand. Just choose it in the built-in virtual color palette of gel filters emulation. The ‘Hi-Q Dimming’ technology guarantees a perfect linearity in the increase / attenuation of brightness of multi-chip white LED sources – even at low dimming levels – without ‘steps’ between adjacent values; light projections are therefore completely flicker-free in television shootings.