Clay Paky S.p.A.  

Seriate (Bergamo),  ITALIA 
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Established in 1976, Claypaky is part of the multinational company Osram and a world level reference brand in the stage lighting industry. Claypaky products are used in top productions of Theatre, Television, Live Events, Fashion show, Trade Fairs and are installed in the best Clubs, Bars, Theme Parks, Shops, Conference Halls and architectural venues. During its history, packed with inventions and successful products, Claypaky has always had to face the onslaught of copy makers throughout the world. However the company reacted by making innovation a mission and, especially, by pursuing excellence in construction quality and reliability. Claypakys products are all made in Italy and their quality is guaranteed by meticulous control over components, processes and every stage of production until the final product becomes reality.The Company has been awarded a total of over 50 prestige international prizes, recognitions of the innovation and quality of its products.


    New MINI XTYLOS HPE opens opportunities to bring this unique technology where smaller, energy efficient, yet powerful fixtures are required for small and large venues and events....

  • Ever since the introduction of the XTYLOS fixture, Claypaky has been focused on developing new, pioneering technologies that offer new ways to motivate designers to reach further to inspire audiences.  New MINI XTYLOS HPE opens opportunities to bring this unique technology where smaller, energy efficient, yet powerful fixtures are required for small and large venues and events.

    MINI XTYLOS HPE (CJ3002) is a small form factor fixture with Claypaky’s innovative and proprietary RGB laser source, lasting 20,000 hours, that produces saturated, deep colors without any visible hotspots with its exclusive TURBO COLOR system. The fixture offers linear virtual CTO, one effect wheel with two rotating and interchangeable prisms and one interchangeable frost filter, a 24-bit digital dimmer, a fast digital stop/strobe and have an aperture range of 1o to 4o to produce their incredible beam effects. 

    In addition to the typical features of the XTYLOS family, the MINI XTYLOS HPE delivers some new and exciting features: The unit offers endless pan rotation in both directions, that can be controlled at various speeds.

    MINI XTYLOS HPE is very compact, operates on 100 to 240VAC and only consumes 90VA of power at 230VAC.  The unit weighs just a mere 9 kilograms (20 pounds).

    For the beam applications, the MINI XTYLOS HPE is the best option thanks to its high intensity which cannot be achieved by any other LED based beam fixtures. With only 20W laser engine power consumption, the MINI XTYLOS HPE delivers 2.5Mcd with 1° beam aperture.

    The XTYLOS laser light source is currently the only technology that allows us to make such a small and compact beam fixture.

    In the United States, the variance issued by FDA CDRH is required for the use of the MINI XTYLOS HPE (the same variance as for the Xtylos). The MINI XTYLOS is also available in a adjusted output version (CJ3003 ) which is fully homologated and does not require any FDA CDRH variance for the use in the United States.

    How to make the hottest fixture on the market better? Make it weatherproof! The XTYLOS AQUA is the next in the series of laser-based fixtures, IP66 and marine-grade protection rated and comparable in features and performance of the original XTYLOS....

  • Capitalizing on its groundbreaking light source technology and the global popularity of the XTYLOS fixture used on some very high-profile productions, Claypaky is proud to introduce the next in the series of laser-based fixtures, the XTYLOS AQUA. The XTYLOS AQUA is IP66 rated and comparable in features and performance of the original XTYLOS.

    While the initial thought of the XTYLOS AQUA as an evolutionary product growing from the XTYLOS fixture, it is revolutionary in design to withstand some of the harshest conditions offering marine-grade protection from the elements and it is fitted with a fan to eliminate condensation from the front lens for consistent output and beam performance.

    Featuring a wireless DMX system integrated as standard, the Xtylos Aqua is a small, form factor, IP66-rated fixture powered by its innovative and proprietary RGB laser source. It offers the same effects and features of the original XTYLOS, making it the first of its kind on the market. The fixture’s tight, uniform beam makes awe-inspiring aerial effects.  Equipped with two gobo wheels (one rotating gobo wheel with seven rotating gobos and a static gobo wheel with 12 gobos), a prism wheel with three prisms, and a sixteen-facet prism on a dedicated channel (which can be overlapped with the prism wheel), the XTYLOS AQUA gives designers the tools necessary for a wide-range of effects and looks. In addition, the fixture’s beam apertures have an extremely narrow range of 1° to 7°, which can be reduced further to 0.5° using beam reducers.

    Ever since the introduction of the XTYLOS fixture, Claypaky has been focused on developing new, pioneering technologies that offer new ways to motivate designers to reach further to inspire audiences.  With the XTYLOS AQUA, this can be done both indoors as well as outdoors for television, theatre, tours, global sporting events, and much more.

    A new series of LED-based moving head fixtures, the smallest and lightest ones available in their classes. While small in stature, they booth deliver powerful light output with their 470-Watt white LED engine....

  • Some products are revolutionary, developed from previous generations, and some are evolutionary developed on totally new visions. Claypaky is proud to introduce a new series of LED-based moving head fixtures, AROLLA MP series that includes a profile and a spot luminaire. They follow in the footsteps of the popular Claypaky Axcor family of products on an entirely new, compact platform equipped with the latest in LED technology and control.

    The AROLLA PROFILE MP and the AROLLA SPOT MP are the smallest and lightest moving head fixtures available in their class. While small in stature, they deliver powerful light output with their 470-Watt white LED engine (at over 22,000 lumens output) and are full of the features you would expect in much larger, more expensive luminaires. The eSWAP technology is a unique feature of this series, that is the interchangeability of the framing assembly of the profile version with the gobo module from the spot model and vice-versa. These modules can be moved from their fixture to the other version and the fixture’s electronics immediately recognizes and configures the fixture to operate with the module, so users do not have to make any changes themselves to the menu system.

    Claypaky known for its industry-leading precision optics and colour reproduction has given the fixtures of the AROLLA MP series an optical system with a 6 to 50 degree zoom range, a CMY colour mixing system that produces deep, rich colours (including an unmatched deep red), a seven-colour colour wheel that includes an 88+ CRI enhancement filter, and linear CTO to hit the colour temperatures you need. The unit’s source is a native 6000K that does not produce the metallic white that often limits the fixture’s application and colour temperature range. For eye-catching aesthetics, these fixtures are fitted with a 120-millimeter diameter front lens giving the units a unique look when viewed from the front.

    For effects, the AROLLA PROFILE MP comes with one rotating gobo wheel that has seven rotating high-definition gobos, while the AROLLA SPOT MP comes with two rotating gobo wheels, each one with seven rotating high-definition gobos. Thanks to our exclusive “Go-Bright” technology, there is no light loss or color shift when gobos are inserted into the beam.

    They also include a rotating animation wheel and a four-facet rotating prism. For beam control a mechanical iris, a variable frost filter, a 24-bit digital dimmer with four user-selectable dimming curves that maintains color balance throughout the dimming range, and a fast-digital stop-strobe. Being universal voltage, the AROLLA PROFILE MP and the AROLLA SPOT MP fixtures operate on 100 to 240 volts AC and include five user-selectable fans speed modes of 1200 – 800 – 600 – Silent – Theatre.

    The AROLLA PROFILE MP also offers the exclusive four focal plane framing system, featuring 120° rotation and macro channel control.

    The AROLLA PROFILE MP and the AROLLA SPOT MP weigh around 25 kilograms, or 55 pounds, making them some of the lightest moving head spot profile fixtures available, without giving up the output and features often found in much larger and heavier fixtures.

    The AROLLA PROFILE MP and the AROLLA SPOT MP fixtures’ versatility allows them to fit comfortably and perform in tours, theatres, or fixed installations.

    A high-power LED batten fixture delivering an impressive 8500 lumen output, with advanced pixel mapping capabilities and unique three-layer selection, which can be arranged seamlessly in line or in a matrix for amazing lighting effects....

  • Not all LED batten fixtures are the same. Claypaky's Tambora Batten will amaze you with a sparkling mix of innovation, luminous efficiency, creativity, and ease of use.  It’s a brilliant new tool for your designs.

    Tambora Batten offers advanced pixel mapping capabilities and a unique three-layer selection option. With this feature the operator may choose to use three levels of effects at the same time. You can simultaneously choose a background color, an internal built-in sequence, and video content coming from an external source - switching between all the layers quickly and easily. The 3-layer selection and the separate manageable pixel array (basic module - pixel module) allow you to expand programming possibilities and quickly create complex FX.

    With Tambora Batten, you can achieve two dramatically different visual effects by choosing the one of two lens options.  Depending upon your application, one may be preferred over the other.  The round lens is more suitable for pixel mapping uses, while the square lens is appealing for single blade and aerial effects – offering a more uniform and well-defined beam of light.  Both lens options are interchangeable and available as accessories.       

    Powered by sixteen Osram 40W RGBW LEDs, this fixture offers complete control and calibration of each LED cell for dynamic pixel mapping effects. Users may control the color, intensity and strobe rate of each engine individually or in unison.  Several bars may be arranged seamlessly in a line or in a matrix while maintaining equal distance between the LED engines where the fixtures connect.  This allows for uniform appearance of the engines both side-by-side and also top to bottom.

    In its complete package of powerful features, Tambora Batten offers a linear zoom from 4° to 50° with auto-retreat / reposition capability in the absence of a DMX signal, a 5-curve, 24-bit dimmer with output color balance, a tilt range of over 220°, a 2500-8000K CTC, beam edge softening control for soft uniform washes, “anti-halo” lens covers, and 4 operating modes.

    The fixture also ensures beautiful uniformity when matched with the Claypaky Midi-B and Mini-B fixtures.  The high-power Osram LED engines are the same in all three products and are evenly matched in terms of intensity as well as their dimming and color curves and performance.  Tambora Batten is an adaptable lighting instrument that addresses many needs for inline or matrix lighting applications, at an excellent cost to performance ratio.

    The first digital maintenance tool that enables easier, faster, and more precise remote diagnostics of moving head fixtures - now open to other brands!...

  • Diagnosing fixture issues consumes valuable time and resources. Especially when managing hundreds or thousands of fixtures in your shop and out on tour. There must be a better way to quickly identify fixture problems, collect and record fixture data, and perform routine firmware updates. Claypaky’s CloudIO is a cloud-based innovative, state-of-the-art tool capable of managing all these maintenance processes more efficiently and accurately.

    The CloudIO is an IoT device which provides technicians with complete diagnostics for most Claypaky fixtures. Starting from the version, CloudIO can also read the parameters of all RDM-compliant fixtures regardless of brand.