Gala Systems, Inc.

St. Hubert,  QC 
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Transform your vision into reality !

Gala Systems is leading the understage industry and the venue transformation since 1980, providing integrated electromechanical systems to automatically reconfigure public assembly and performance spaces.

Using the Spiralift®, the world’s most compact lifting system, Gala Systems has now completed more than 1,750 projects in 65 countries with installations including orchestra lifts, seating wagon systems, theatre stage lifts, scenery lifts and piano lifts for theatres, auditoriums, concert halls, casinos and multipurpose venues.

In addition, our products include seating risers, table lifts and stage risers, orchestra podiums and chorus risers for concert stages. Also, the GALA VENUE® technology allows the reconfiguration of moving floor systems as well as the fully automated storage of seats for multipurpose configurations.

Our experienced engineers, innovative technology and customer service support respond to your needs through all phases of construction or renovation projects.

Brands: Spiralift® , Gala Venue®


  • Gala Venue®
    Transform your vision into reality !...

  • Gala Systems has become a leader in the creation of venues flexible enough to be able to host a multitude of different events. This Configuration system is so efficient that venues can transform in minutes, allowing several different configurations over the course of a single day.

    • Within 10 to 30 Minutes Conversion Time
    • High Variety of Possible Configurations
    • Infinite Configurations: Cabaret, Flat Floor, Tiered Floor Auditorium, etc.
    • Robust Seats/Solid Structural Floor
  • Spiralift®
    The world’s most compact lifting system !...

  • The Spiralift® is the basic component of some of the best world-renowned platform lifts such as orchestra, stage and piano lifts.

    This technology uses two bands of intertwining stainless steel to form a strong and stable column.

    • The Spiralift® requires relative low-power electric motor drives thanks to its very high mechanical efficiency.
    • Spiralift® units can be configured easily in modular designs to suit any platform geometry and building architecture.