GLP German Light Products, Inc.

Van Nuys,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 242

GLP was founded in Karlsbad, Germany in 1994, by Udo Künzler, and has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality and innovative lighting technology — in recent years becoming a market leader in LED technology for the theatre, television and the live event industry. With the award-winning impression series GLP has created a new standard in the lighting industry, which is used and valued by leading lighting designers. Thanks to an ever-growing range of products, GLP gives designers around the globe eco-friendly and energy-optimized spotlights without restrictions in creativity or performance demands. 

Extending through more than 25 years, GLP has grown organically, both by its own innovative product development as well as by acquisition, the latest company to join the GLP family being German company, Fusion. From a marketing perspective it has rapidly increased its territorial outreach with the opening of offices in Los Angeles (USA) , Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Sweden, which has impacted significantly on global market share.

Brands: GLP, FUSION by GLP, Scenex Lighting


  • impression X5
    The impression X5 promises to usher in a new generation of technology in the world of LED automated wash lights

    - 19, 40W RGBL LEDs with incredible output and increased color gamut
    - GLP’s new iQ.Gamut calibration algorithm
    - 16:1 zoom range from 3.5° to 60°

  • The GLP impression X5 uses 19 powerful 40 W RGBL LEDs to give an incredible output with increased color gamut.

    GLP’s new iQ.Gamut calibration algorithm ensures the impression X5 creates clean white points with CRI 90 at 6500 Kelvin and the ability to switch to other fixed color temperatures instantly, all calibrated exactly to the black body line.

    With new super-fast zoom mechanics, the impression X5 offers a 16:1 range running from 3.5° to 60° with homogenous light distribution across its entire range.

    A new front face with a circular design offers a fresh modern look, a round aperture and has been designed to include geometric patterns for great looking Pixel mapping effects.

    The impression X5 comes complete with an extensive feature package, including a virtual color wheel with 64 referenced LEE Filters, a new Color Quality Control, Magenta / Green Correction, a Tungsten Simulation and Effect Channel and a double layer effect option.

    Featuring GLP’s trademark baseless design, the impression X5 weighs just 13.3 kg / 29.3 lbs. Its design also allows static front accessories or even electromechanical effect modules to be attached.

    The impression X5 can be controlled via DMX, ArtNet or sACN and can be set up using Near Field Control.

  • XDC1
    The GLP XDC1 IP Hybrid merges a high-performance strobe with a very powerful wash light, offering superior color quality—all packaged in a weatherproof IP65 housing....

  • The XDC1 offers impressive light output and color rendering quality based on the innovative color mixing of the X5 (RGB plus the special GLP Lime) in combination with two extremely powerful white strobe lines for all applications that require particularly powerful performance.

    As with the fixtures in the new impression X5 series, the XDC1 features GLP's proprietary iQ.Gamut color algorithm. This ensures optimum light output with excellent color rendering at any color temperature. It features a total of 18 wash LEDs, with 40W light output each, in three rows of pixels with 6 per row. The particularly narrow 10° optic ensures impressive mid-air effects, especially for applications at very long distances. The proven, extended color functions such as a referenced color wheel, color temperature control, color quality control with desaturation, magenta/green shift, etc. are also available in the XDC1. Thanks to the new tungsten channel, the weatherproof hybrid spotlight can also be used as a powerful audience blinder.

    The two high-performance strobe lines of the XDC1 offer up to 1000W of strobe power, sufficient to illuminate entire stadiums and arenas. The wide beam pattern of the strobe lines ensures maximum impact as well as a diffused luminous flux.

    For even more dynamic impact, all 18 wash LEDs can be controlled individually in a second layer level. Here, depending on the mode selected, a wide range of static or dynamic pattern effects can be accessed. Alternatively, the pixels can be recorded with a media server via pixel mapping. These effects can be further enhanced by including the two strobe lines, each segmented into six zones. The combination of pixel control of wash LEDs and strobe lines gives designers maximum creative scope.

    Four integrated folding eyelets allow several units to be aligned vertically or horizontally. This allows the design of horizontal or vertical lines, which can be used to create gigantic light objects, e.g. for large events and festivals. The IP65 rating allows the XDC1 to be used in most weather conditions without the need for unattractive weather protection devices.

    For particularly easy installation, each unit is equipped with PowerCon True1 In and Out, DMX In and Out, as well as two fail-safe EtherCon ports for ArtNet or sACN. The integrated NFC sensor with iQ.Mesh Module allows for particularly user-friendly configuration via the new GLP iQ.Service app.

    As an optional accessory, a stand is offered that can be conveniently attached to the bracket using the Camlock quick-release fastener. This allows the XDC1 to be quickly placed on the floor and aligned.

    The optional filter frame can be mounted without tools to adjust the optical beam angle. A selection of filter discs for six wash pixels each can be used to perfectly adjust the optical impression to individual needs. The light emission surfaces of the two strobe lines are not touched by the filter frame.