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Show Control & Visualization


With more than 15 years of experience in software development, Syncronorm is an innovation leader in the field of water show visualization and control and serves many other sectors of the entertainment industry worldwide.

Syncronorm develops and distributes the multimedia show design & control software Depence, which has an integrated and unique real-time 3D visualization. Depence is an innovative software application that enables the design process of highly complex multimedia shows, simultaneous real-time visualization as well as show control in one. The rendering technology used in Depence utilizes real physical parameters, which allows the holistic almost perfectly synchronized simulation of multimedia shows in architectural environments. In parallel, software and hardware connectivity and support for common industry standards make it possible to program and control highly complex multimedia shows in advance or on site.


  • Depence
    Depence is the world's first real-time visualizer that allows simultaneous display of various multimedia show elements in combination with internal show control features....


    Depence is the world's only visualization software that offers a holistic representation of a wide variety of multimedia show elements. This includes the representation of show elements such as stage lighting, special effects such as fog or fire, lasers, water fountains, video projections and, in the future, fireworks.


    In addition to the possibilities for real-time visualization and creation of video animations, Depence also offers functions for programming and controlling multimedia shows. The internal programmer and sequencer tools allow you to create shows with all the show elements supported by Depence without relying on external hardware. Thanks to the support of common industry standards, designers who prefer a lighting console are still able to work directly in the Depence application. Depence's control capabilities allow control not only over light shows, but also over complex water shows. With the help of many intelligent and partly autonomous functions, fountain systems can be designed, programmed, controlled and maintained.