BB&S Lighting

United States
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BB&S is showing the new Area 48 Color and the Area 96 Color. These fixtures are 98 TLCI color accurate, high output, while matching our other fixtures. They have already been used on TV shows and Feature Movies. The New Compact Beamlight comes in 4 different beam angles - 7, 11, 14 and 18 degree and comes in 3K, 4K, 56K and 65K. While only drawing 40 watts they produce 4000 Lumens. The new CBL-4 drawing 160 watts will delivering 16,000 Lumens. The Pipeline Reflect LED System are available in lengths of 1'- 2'- 4'- 6' and 8. Easy mounting of these fixtures with the Single, Dual and Quad yokes. Offering the many benefits of Remote Phosphors light quality and consistency, plus double the footcandle output of our standard Pipeline fixtures.. The Force 7 Force 7 LED Leko 750 at 97CRI with 48VDC power -5600K and 3200K offers flat field and single shadow and no hot spot,.For more information in Europe visit:, or in the Americas: