Cameo - a brand of Adam Hall

Neu-Anspach,  Hessen 
  • Booth: 2055

From the invention of fire to high-power moving lights on large concert stages – nothing fascinates the human race as much as light in its countless varieties. Every single day, lighting designers and operators around the world create unique moments. For these demanding “lumen beings”, Cameo – the Adam Hall Group’s lighting technology brand – offers powerful and versatile solutions with sophisticated features that shine every application in its best possible light.

From state-of-the-art moving lights to PAR and Fresnel spotlights and battery-powered outdoor floodlights for broad brush strokes, Cameo products are developed in Germany and give lighting professionals more time during their hectic day-to-day production to concentrate on their main focus: the creative process.


  • Cameo OTOS® H5 - IP65 Hybrid Moving Head
    Extremely flexible Beam Spot Wash Hybrid Moving Head for outdoor use (IP65 rated)

  • Cameo OTOS H5  - Beam-Spot-Wash Hybrid Moving Head IP65

    Extremely flexible Beam Spot Wash Hybrid Moving Head for outdoor use
    As a professional designer of light shows, light operator or event technician, having one device that can do many things gives you the freedom to create an even more exciting stage experience for your audience. The OTOS® H5 not only lets you master this challenge with flying colours as a true hybrid device, but it can also be used for outdoor purposes in accordance with the IP65 rating. Its moving head is capable of many jobs, from a beam to a spotlight or wash light. You can tap into your power of lighting design creativity with the discharge-lamp Moving Light, which is extremely flexible, highly functional and very powerful.

    High output and brilliant colour reproduction

    The 480 W discharge-lamp moving light impresses with a powerful output of 19,000 lm, while the OTOS® H5's flat field filter enhances the uniform distribution of brightness at the same time. A beam angle of 2° to 42° is possible with the OTOS® H5 due to the high-quality optics and motorised zoom. From tightly focused effects to wide-area illumination, anything is possible. 16-bit resolution and four selectable curves also enable smooth, uniform dimming. There is a full range of colours for you to work with thanks to CMY colour mixing and additional colour wheel with 15 dichroic filters. Due to the brilliant colour reproduction with a high CRI filter (>80), the device is also ideally suited for use in TV and film footage.

    Variable and emotionally charged light show with a fascinating variety of effects

    A fascinating array of lighting effects is achievable when you use prisms on two prism levels, the animation wheel and the variable frost filter for wash light applications. The prisms open up unheard- of possibilities in terms of creating diverse mid-air effects. Multifaceted lighting is further enriched by two gobo wheels with 27 gobo templates in total, eight of which are exchangeable and rotatable glass gobos and 19 of which are static gobos.

    Adjustable control options and easy-to-use operating elements

    As a lighting technician, you've got a lot to do in little time: mains-free set-up is just as easy as it is fast with the battery-operated and easily readable OLED display with four operator touch-buttons. The control options also make it possible to flexibly connect and control the OTOS® H5 via the built-in W-DMX™ transceiver, DMX or RDM.

    Fit for outdoor use in accordance with IP65 rating

    You are by no means limited to indoor events with the Cameo OTOS® H5 as it is also suitable for outdoor use in accordance with the IP65 rating. Whether inside or outside, optimal cooling is guaranteed by a highly efficient heat pipe cooling system combined with temperature-dependent controlled fans. Two Omega brackets and a mains cable for safe installation and quick start-up are included with the Cameo OTOS® H5.

  • Cameo S4 IP – IP65 LED Soft Light Panel
    With the Cameo S4 IP LED Soft Panel, lighting technicians, lighting designers and content producers get a versatile professional soft light that is also completely convincing in outdoor use thanks to IP65 certification...

  • Cameo S4 IP - IP65 LED Soft Panel

    Whether on a film set, in a TV studio or for live streams - with a softlight panel, people and objects can be staged with a natural, diffuse light. In addition to luminous intensity and flexible handling, natural colour rendering and flicker-free operation for the camera play a decisive role here. 

    The compact S4 IP is based on 544 single SMD LEDs per colour (RGBWW) arranged in a cluster of 4. In combination with the integrated calibration chip, the S4 IP has an extremely natural colour rendering (CRI 95, TLCI 91) as well as an exceptional coverage of the extended Rec. 2020 colour space of 85 percent. In addition, the adjustable colour temperature with its wide range of 1,800 to 10,000 Kelvin enables use in all environments.

    In the development of the S4 IP, Cameo not only placed the highest value on the inner light values of the S4 IP soft panel - the housing concept and handling are also convincing with well thought-out functions. The fixed handles on the side ensure safe and comfortable transport and allow the panel to be quickly aligned with people and objects on the set. According to the IP65 certification of the S4 IP, the soft panel has waterproof and lockable powerCON TRUE1 compatible device connectors. Control is optionally via DMX, W-DMX, ArtNet, sACN or RDM.

    The operation of the S4 IP is very simple. For direct operation on the unit, the softlight panel has three push encoders, four shortcut buttons and a menu display on the back of the housing. Thanks to the recessed position of the operating unit, the S4 IP is not only protected against accidental adjustment, but also against impacts and other external influences. The panel can be controlled even more conveniently via EZRemote using the optional UNICON® DMX/RDM controller.

    As lighting all-rounders, Soft Panels are used in a wide variety of environments - indoors and outdoors. To make the S4 IP the ideal, flexible companion in every situation, Cameo has not compromised on accessory options. In addition to the supplied Omega bracket and the standard diffuser, the spectrum ranges from Honey Combs with 30° and 60° beam angles to Intensifier and Heavy Diffuser to Barndoors, a Centre Mount Yoke or a V-Mount adapter for battery operation. In addition, the optional dark filter ensures inconspicuous integration in any scenery.