Middleton,  WI 
United States
  • Booth: 631, 532

ETC is a leading manufacturer of lighting and rigging gear.

ETC’s award-winning products include lighting-control systems, such as the highly sophisticated line of Eos consoles as well as legendary Hog desks. ETC has a lighting solution for every venue, with a wide selection of theatrical luminaires ranging from technologically advanced Source Four LED fixtures to affordable ColorSource fixtures and more. High End Systems automated lighting delivers powerful beams and exciting effects to stages large and small. For studio and film lighting, fos/4 fixtures feature pristine on-camera light, utilizing deep red LED emitters, in addition to an intuitive user interface. Architectural products like ETC’s ArcSystem Navis LED luminaires ensure that visitors experience the same beautiful quality of light in every space of a building. For a smooth show, ETC produces rigging control systems, including Prodigy FlyPipe, a compact self-climbing hoist. To complete the system, ETC also offers power-control, networking, and emergency-lighting solutions.

Brands: Source Four, ColorSource, fos/4, Relevé, Source 4WRD, Eos, High End Systems, Hog, ArcSystem Navis, ArcSystem Pro, Irideon, Response, Sensor, F-Drive, Paradigm, Mosaic, Echo, Echoflex, Prodigy


  • Eos Apex
    Eos Apex lighting consoles are designed to remain state-of-the-art for years to come. Features include customizable Target keys for Direct Selects, a built-in soft keypad, book lights for paperwork, dual axis folding displays, and generous encoder tools....

  • The Eos Apex flagship line of consoles include state-of-the-art features like customizable OLED Target keys for your Direct Selects, a built-in soft keypad, book lights for your paperwork, drawers for your accessories, dual axis folding displays, and more encoders than ever before on an Eos desk. With three sizes of console to choose from and reconfigurable inputs and outputs, the Apex experience can be tailored to the needs of any venue or production. Apex also includes the same award-winning 3D-programming and color tools that have become synonymous with the Eos family. The Augment3d programming environment makes the lighting design process more intuitive than ever before. Focus lights with a click or a touch, preview your lighting looks in 3D space, and control your rig from your phone using augmented reality.  
  • High End Systems Automated Lighting
    Stunning beams, superb color rendering, precision optics, and spectacular effects make High End Systems automated fixtures the ideal solution for any stage....

  • With a complete range of automated framing and special effects fixtures, High End Systems luminaires offer the solution for every automated lighting need. Stunning beams, superb color rendering, precision optics, and spectacular effects make our fleet of automated fixtures the ideal choice for any stage.