Kito Entertainment Group

  • Booth: 2615

KITO Ent. Group (KEG) welcomes all visitors to our booth.

Known for top-quality products and superior service, Harrington Hoists, Inc. and Peerless Industrial Group, Inc. (subsidiaries of KITO CORPORATION) have long histories as industrial manufacturers in the USA. We are market leaders for industrial hoists, cranes, material handling products, cargo, marine & traction chain, and hardware in the USA.

As we address the diverse needs of the entertainment market, we are pleased to expand our product offering under the KEG (KITO ENTERTAINMENT GROUP). 

Brands: Kito


  • KREWMATE Electric Chain Hoist (TEM series)
    Our TEM theatrical series chain hoists were designed using new SSR technology and superior durability for handling stage and theatrical equipment. These high-quality, low-headroom, full-featured hoists provide reliable performance for use in all venues....

  • • 500-1000lb Capacity
    • Voltages 200-230/460-3-60 and 115/230-1-60
    • Control Voltage -24VDC
    • Compact body to fit inside of 12" truss
    • Certified and listed to UL1340/CSA 22.2
    • Exceeds ASME H4 classification
    • Meets CE and D8 standards
    Solid State Relay Board
    • No mechanical contacts for extended lifetime
    • Protection from fast reverse
    • Electronic overload limiter
    • Phase loss protection
    • Overcurrent, overtemperature, and overvoltage protection
    Low Profile Upper Limit Switch
    • Protects hoist from overwinding and offers exceptional headroom
    Electromagnetic Current Type Brake
    • 5 year/1 million cycle warranty
    IP65 Body
    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
    High Strength, Corrosion/Wear Resistant Load Chain
    • Grade 80, super strength, nickel-plated load chain, certified to DIN standards
    • Uses unique technology to greatly increase resistance to fatigue and wear
    Friction Clutch Integrated in the Rotor
    • Behind brake and will not allow load to lower

  • TNER Krewmate Entertainment Chain Hoist
    Our TNER Series entertainment chain hoists were designed using the latest technology for handling stage and entertainment equipment. These high-quality, low-headroom, full-featured hoists provide reliable performance for use in all venues....

  • Standards
    Hoist exceeds stringent world standards; complies with German regulation BGV-D8.
    Standard configuration meets CE Declaration.
    Pull-Rotor Motor Brake
    World’s most reliable entertainment hoist brake. Simple design. No brake coil to fail or brake disc to replace.
    5-year hoist brake warranty.
    Unique Chain Guide
    Provides quiet and smooth guiding of chain into hoist and chain container. Durable, heavy cast iron construction.
    Sleek Rounded Body
    Rugged aluminum housing; no sharp edges and flexible soft-grip handles.
    Plug and Play Voltage Changer. Quickly change between 208/230V and 460V. Saves valuable time during setup and integration.
    Low Profile Upper/Lower Limit Switches
    No adjustment is required. Protects hoist and provides maximum travel.
    Size and Speed
    Designed to fit standard road
    cases. ½ and 1 Ton—16 fpm;
    2 Ton—8 fpm.
    Grease-Packed Gearbox
    For demanding entertainment applications. Maintenance free.
    No oil changes are required.
    Nickel-Plated Load Chain
    Meets DIN and EN 818-7
    standards. Optional black chain available.
    Friction Clutch
    Carbon friction material provides
    consistent performance over a wide temperature range.
    Chain Container
    RA reversible black canvas chain container is needed to meet BGV-D8 regulations.
    Also designed with two secure attachment points.
    Optional Pendant
    Control (Pickle)
    Red button emergency stop.
    Nema 4X, UL/cUL (CSA) listed.