Golden Life Tea

Jersey City,  NJ 
United States
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Golden Life Tea is the #1 source of fine Chinese teas

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  • Enjoy 25% off ALL tea products on This code applies to all four teas: Ruby Black Tea, Sky Red Oolong (Oriental Beauty), Rose Black Tea, and Jasmine Green Tea.

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  • Jersey City, NJ: Golden Life Tea, a company from New Jersey, announced that they will be attending World Tea Expo 2021 in Las Vegas.

    Golden Life Tea is created and developed in China, where the Ruby Black Tea and Sky Red Oolong (Oriental Beauty) Tea dominate the fine tea market in both quality and taste. Oriental Beauty is one of the most prized teas sourced from China, and Sky Red Oolong is a version of this famous tea that will be introduced to American consumers and enthusiasts. Golden Life Tea showcases an unmistakable standard of quality, unseen in most teas in the American market. Leaves are presented and sold whole and unbroken, with buds attached. Floral infusions occur during processing of tea leaves, rather than blending dry ingredients, utilizing fresh flowers for the most genuine and undisturbed aromatic blend.

    Four prized teas are introduced by Golden Life Tea:

    Ruby Black Tea - This tea is bold and plush. Reminiscent of soft, juicy ripened fruit. Ruby Black Tea is refined to invite natural sweet flavor with no added sweetener. This unique tea is sweetened by a unique process in which hopper insects, Jacobiasca formosana, bite the tea leaves. The chemicals glucoside and primrose glycoside released during the healing process will create a natural honey and ripe fruit flavor. The color of this tea is a bright, clear golden red.

    Jasmine Green Tea - Fresh harvested green tea are blended with jasmine flower for deep aroma with bright, clean flavor. Golden Life Tea uses 30% more jasmine than other brands.

    Rose Black Tea - Indulgent, with an intoxicating aroma. Rose Black tea is processed with fresh rose petals for seamless infusion and rich, smooth flavor. In creating Rose Black Tea, black tea is processed together with fresh rose petals, instead of the common method of blending dried rose with processed tea. This allows oils and nutrients from the rose petals to permeate and infuse into each tea leaf, creating perfectly balanced, aromatic flavor.

    Sky Red Oolong (Oriental Beauty) Tea - Striking yet nuanced, with creamy notes and delicate aroma. Sky Red Oolong is crafted at the highest level for balanced, layered flavor. Sky Red Oolong tea is created using leaves bitten by hopper insects, Jacobiasca formosana. As the leaves are healing, they will curl and produce a ripe fruit flavor. Sweetness from the tea exists with no added sweetener. Oolong tea has naturally nuanced, layered flavor. Tea leaves used to create Sky Red Oolong tea are harvested exclusively between May and June. Each handpicked oolong leaf will include a leaf, stem, and bud.

    Golden Life Tea is proud to partner with authentic Jingdezhen ceramic artists to introduce true Jingdezhen teaware to American consumers. Teaware from many official award-winning artists of Jingdezhen will be exclusively sold by Golden Life Tea.

    Golden Life Tea's Owner Kelly Bu aims to introduce all four teas to become integral parts of the lives of American tea drinkers. The brand will utilize many avenues of social media to provide an interactive tea education experience for many to enjoy.

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