Hot Tamn's  

Torrington,  WY 
United States
  • Booth: 2306

Hot sauce, kicked up candy, snacks, honey & mustard. #2306

Hot Tamn's is a small Wyoming company that prides itself in genuine, quality products made with fresh ingredients, without artificial preservatives or fillers. Hot Tamn's line of hot sauce has been named Wyoming's Best and has been featured at Cheyenne Frontier Days.  At this market Tam will spotlight her hot pepper lovin' products.

Thirteen hot sauces, from mild to crazy, made only with peppers, vinegar and salt.  All peppers are grown locally and processed every fall.

There are three types of caramels: some with serrano for a mild spice note, others with cayenne for a full mouth heat, and then chocolate with habanero love to get your attention.  Peanut Crunch, the Hot Tamn version of peanut brittle, is crunchy and peanuty and has a dash of habanero.

Crackers and pretzels have a variety of heat levels and are baked fresh in the Hot Tamn's kitchen.

Local honey infused with habanero is the secret behind Hot Tamn's Hot Honey.

MAXX Mustard starts with three types of dry mustard seed that are soaked in Jose Cuervo and apple cider vinegar.  It makes them happy!  Once the seeds are delighted, they are blended with a variety of peppers for a unique flavor you can't resist.

Brands: Hot Tamn's: 13 different hot sauces, Caramels w/ serrano and sea salt, Cayenne Caramels, Chocolate Caramels w/ habanero, Peanut Crunch w/ habanero, Hot Honey, MAXX Mustard, Jalapeno crackers, Serrano Crackers, Habanero Crackers & Jalapeno Pretzels.


  • Hot Tamn's Hot Sauces
    Hot Tamn's creates 13 different hot sauces, each with it's own flavor and heat, by using only peppers, vinegar, and salt....

  • Hot Tamn's has 13 different hot sauces and uses only fresh peppers, grown and processed within 20 miles of each other.  Peppers are delivered every fall and processed immediately to maintain the fresh flavor that is preserved with only vinegar and salt.

    By not adding unnecessary ingredients, nor an overabundance of vinegar, Hot Tamn's sauces are more concentrated than others and are much too thick to be shaken through a little hole. The flavor of each of the 13 types of hot sauce is incredible!  Hot Tamn's was named Wyoming's #1 producer of hot stuff - and the best hot sauce in the state.  Hot Tamn's hot sauces were even showcased at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

    If you want flavor, look no further.  From our mildest (a blend of bell pepper and jalapeno) to our hottest (a blend of ghost, scorpion, & reaper) and 11 others inbetween, Hot Tamn's delivers flavor and heat like a champ!

  • Hot Tamn's Candy
    Every product is created in small batches, each with it's own unique character, using fresh and quality ingredients....