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We are experts in the concentrates for bars business!

Hemp & Hops - Add a single-serving, water soluble, flavorless CBD shot to any drink. Turn your $8  Gin & Tonic into a $13 drink. It's fun, dosed by the customer, and a nice way to differentiate your bar.

Presto! Craft Seltzer - Now your bar can serve craft seltzer on tap. You can offer N/A, CBD Infused or Hard Seltzer in creative and unique flavor combinations. It's a significantly higher margin opportunity than canned hard seltzer and makes your bar a unique location since your seltzer can't be bought at the grocery store.

Brands: Hemp & Hops CBD Shots for any drink Presto! Craft Seltzer, craft seltzer served on tap! N/A Seltzer, CBD Seltzer or Hard Seltzer

 Show Specials

  • (Jun 14, 2021)

    Hemp & Hops CBD Shots - Our show special is buy 3 jars, get one jar free! We also provide 20 table tents to promote our product in your bar or restaurant.

    Presto! Craft Seltzer- Make craft seltzer in your bar and serve on tap! With your initial order we will provide a free starter kit that includes a craft tap handle, our proprietary keg infusing device, a modified keg coupler and a water filtering device to simplify adding water to an empty 20L keg (that we also provide). A $119 value!

 Press Releases

  • New product enables bars and restaurants to turn filtered water into craft hard seltzer on tap

    Punta Gorda, FL, June 29, 2021 - Mad Hops Inc. provides bars and restaurants with innovative products bringing incremental revenue, introduces Presto! Craft Seltzer on Tap - a complete turnkey solution turning plain water into craft seltzer that bartenders serve right from the tap! 


    “We’ve created something completely unique,” says Mad Hops President Peter Hanley.  “It’s a simple 2-step process using the CO2 in a bar’s tap lines to create sparkling water in our 20L single-use keg, while at the same time using our proprietary infusing device to add one of our 4 unique craft flavor combos.”


    Bars can either sell Presto! Craft Seltzer on Tap as a non-alcoholic beverage, or add a shot of spirits to create a unique hard seltzer drink experience at 3-5% ABV. 


    “Hard seltzer is the biggest craze in the industry right now, but with the exception of a few boring flavors in kegs, bar and restaurant owners can only offer hard seltzer in a can, and you can only mark up a can so much!” says Hanley. “The Presto! system gives bars a way to upsell patrons with a range of options they can’t buy anywhere else. “


    Launch flavors Strawberry-Jalapeno, Lime-Cilantro, Berry-Basil and Pineapple-Coconut have been specially formulated to pair with a wide variety of spirits. Mexican restaurants can now offer a Strawberry-Jalapeno tequila seltzer, while bars on the beach can serve a Pina Colada rum seltzer right from the tap.


    The do-it-yourself seltzers also work well with Mad Hops Hemp & Hops single-serve CBD shots, specially formulated to infuse any drink with water soluble, full-spectrum Hemp CBD that respects a drink’s flavor integrity. 


    With all initial orders of 4 single-use kegs and Presto! flavor concentrates, Mad Hops provides a free Starter Kit that includes a craft seltzer tap handle, a proprietary keg infuser, customized keg coupler and inline water filter that makes the process simple, quick and easy. 


    “People come to bars to drink something unique,” says Hanley. “Craft Seltzer served in a fine glass with garnish commands a much higher price than a 12-ounce can of seltzer. Plus you can use well spirits at happy hour to drive volume and premium spirits at prime time.”

    Mad Hops Re-launches Hemp & Hops CBD Shots


    Join the CBD Craze! Mad Hops has created single-serve Hemp & Hops, specially formulated to infuse any drink served in a bar or restaurant with water soluble, full-spectrum Hemp CBD while respecting the drink’s flavor integrity. 


    Why can’t you just add CBD oil directly into a drink? CBD products are oil-based. To blend with another liquid and be absorbed rapidly and efficiently into the human body, CBD needs to be water-soluble, not an oil. Hemp & Hops uses a proprietary emulsion blend that encapsulates and suspends the oil molecules of CBD in a water dispersible solution that quickly and completely blends into your drink of choice.


    How can you make sure you get a proper dose of CBD? When using a dropper to add CBD to a drink you cannot be sure you are under or over-dosing your drink. The 2.3mL Hemp & Hops vials make it easy to deliver 10mg of full-spectrum CBD, the exact amount needed for a 12-hour dose. We also use a unique, cutting edge technique to create a water soluble, fast-deploying full spectrum CBD that mixes seamlessly in water based liquids. 


    Doesn’t CBD taste bad? Full spectrum CBD contains flavonoids and terpenes delivering a “weedy” aroma and taste that dramatically affects the taste of your favorite drink. Many CBD products take out these valuable active ingredients in order to get their products to taste and smell better.  Mad Hops Hemp & Hops understands the relationship between hemp and hops, two very similar plants. By adding our proprietary hop aroma, bittering fractions and hop terpenes, we sensually mask the aroma of CBD while uplifting the drink’s flavor profile. 

    CBD infused drinks are coming - eventually. Breweries and spirit distilleries across the country are beginning to experiment with the idea, but selling already infused products with CBD is still federally prohibited by food and alcohol regulators and in most states.

    “CBD craft beers and spirits will be available one day, but most will never make more than a few CBD-enhanced products,” says Mad Hops founder Peter Hanley. “Hemp & Hops CBD shots can be added to any drink you want, and it can be legally purchased anywhere in the U.S. Our 10mg vials makes it easy for bars and restaurants to offer their patrons a drink with a side of CBD that they infuse themselves.”


    An initial order includes 4 jars of Hemp & Hops (120 doses) along with 20 table tents to promote the product throughout your establishment at a special launch price. Turn that $8 drink into a $13 drink with Hemp & Hops!

    With Presto! Craft Seltzer and Hemp & Hops, Mad Hops continues a tradition of innovation that began with Mad Hops Beer Infusion. One squirt of Mad Hops adds aroma, color and flavor to inexpensive 12-oz domestic light beer, delivering craft beer flavor profiles at a fraction of the cost and just 5 calories. 


    Peter Hanley

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