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Spreading nature's love!

Nature's best tasting produce is also the healthiest which is why we at Zahra Food Industries Ltd have made it our mission to Spread Nature's Love! We are based at the heartland of where the sweetest, healthiest and the tastiest produce is grown. Our product portfolio includes a range of healing teas, dried and fresh produce, nuts, seeds and spices for export. Every aspect of our production process has been designed to be innovative, adhere to the strictest food-safety standards, delivering an unparalleled consistency in quality and thereby setting a new standard for the modern agro-processing industry. We are an ISO Food Safety Management System (FSMS 22000:2018) certified company.

Brands: Eostre Healing Teas, Blossomz Dried Fruits and Nuts Snack Range, Ugandan Vanilla & Moringa Powder as tea ingredients, Jackfruit Meat

 Press Releases

  • Kampala - Uganda, June 16th, 2021 | We eagerly await to be at the World Tea Expo this year and look forward to learning, exploring new trends and connecting with influencers in the industry. The versatility of tea as a beverage is like no other as they come in infinite flavors, arouses multiple senses and typically offers many health benefits. With the right focus, there is an opportunity to increase consumption of herbal infusions and teas especially in the Northern and Western hemispheres. We are excited that our Eostre healing teas with roots in springtime and Easter symbolising renewal and rejuvenation will finally get a global platform at the Tea Expo in Vegas. The range is available in four variants of Balance, Digest, Bright & Happy and Stay Well, each developed with a unique blend of African herbs and fruits that are known to promote holistic health and wellbeing. All the ingredients are grown, picked and processed under the strictest quality control standards.
  • Kampala - Uganda, June 15th, 2021 | We very much look forward to introducing the company's breakthrough innovation of dried young jackfruit as a meat substitute at the Tea Show in Vegas. Jackfruit meatballs and samosas are vegan friendly and promises to liven up any tea party. The jackfruits are hand-selected at a young age from ancestral trees across Uganda, the fibres from these jackfruits have a meat-like texture that easily absorb flavours making it an ideal meat substitute for vegan & vegetarian lifestyles. The fruits are carefully shredded & dried after soaking & cooking steps. After an easy rehydration process, the jackfruit meat can be used instead of meat in any recipe. We invite you to our booth to talk more about how you can incorporate this ingredient in your recipes and menus. 


  • Eostre Healing Teas
    Eostre healing teas with roots in springtime and Easter symbolising renewal and rejuvenation are made with a unique blend of African herbs and fruits to promote health & wellbeing....

  • The teas are developed by a qualified Naturopathic Physician and a Master Herbalist to promote holistic health and wellbeing. The range is available in four variants of Balance, Digest, Bright & Happy and Stay Well. All the ingredients in the teas are grown, picked and processed under the strictest quality control standards.

    • Balance: Brimming with abundant supplies of antioxidants, this tea helps balance sugar, cholestrol and blood pressure levels
    • Digest: Promotes healthy digestion and elimination, this tea can be enjoyed daily
    • Bright & Happy: Boosts happy moods, promotes strong memory and relaxation to live a bright and happy life
    • Stay Well: This tea has robust immune boosting properties to keep everyone well especially during flu season
  • Blossomz Snack Range
    Our dried fruits are nutrient-dense, high in fibre & rich in minerals. We pride ourselves on making sure that they taste as delicious & look as natural as the perfectly ripened fruit with no added sugars, preservatives or additives....

  • The Blossomz dried fruit range is available in 5 variants. Enjoy them in your salads or cereals or simply relish them as a snack! They are diet-friendly if eaten in moderation and are a natural source of energy

    • Sensual Mango: known as the 'Queen of all Fruits', mangoes are not only naturally rich in fiber, promoting a healthy digestive system but our dried mangoes are also guaranteed to provide a unique sensual pleasure in every bite
    • Sassy Pineapple: standing tall with a crown on it's head, there cannot be a more sassy fruit!
    • Edgy Banana: one of the most popular fruit on the planet, bananas have an edge like no other! Our dried bananas are rich in fiber, antioxidants and many important nutrients
    • Snobby Papaya: it's sweet taste, vibrant colors and the wide variety of benefits it provides are all of the reasons why our dried papayas come across as so incredibly snobby!
    • Pompous Jackfruit: jackfruits are uniquely the largest tree-borne fruit with a distinctive, exotic flavor and are highly nutritious containing some of almost every vitamin and mineral that we need. With this much inherent pomp and splendor, our dried jackfruit are nothing less than exceptional
  • Ugandan Vanilla
    While plain vanilla ice-cream is a favorite choice for many, the aroma and flavor from a vanilla bean is anything but plain! We offer vanilla in gourmet and extraction grades suitable as an ingredient in herbal infusions and teas...

  • Our hand-selected, bold flavoured, gourmet vanilla beans of Ugandan origin have vanillin & moisture contents of between 1% to 3% & 28% to 33% respectively. We supply in the form of whole beans, cut pieces & as powder

  • Ugandan Moringa Powder
    Moringa, also referred to as the 'miracle tree' for the many functional and nutritional benefits it is known to provide has been used in traditional herbal medicine for centuries. It is a sought after ingredient for herbal infusions and teas...

  • Our high grade moringa powder is made from 100% natural moringa leaves with no added preservatives

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