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  • (Jun 18, 2021)

    Time is money.

    Something all business owners can agree on is that time is one of the most important commodities a business can have, yet no business ever seems to have enough of it. If someone could bottle time and give entrepreneuers an extra hour or two in their workday, they would be a millionaire.

    Since that isn't yet possible, we may have found the next best thing. With Ca$hmate the Money Counter, you can save your company valuable time each day. This machine can count an entire cash drawer in less than one minute. It counts everything: coins, rolls, cash, and even tickets and tokens. It is 100% accurate and never requires calibration. A task that would normally take your employees 10-15 minutes, will only take one minutes with Ca$hMate. The more cash drawers you have, the more time you save. This machine was especially designed for retail industries.

    Let's do a little math. Say you have five cash registers in your store. It takes one of your employees 10-15 minutes to count one of them (assuming that recount is not necessary), and they must count each register 2-3 times a day. Average 12 minutes spent x 5 registers x 3 times a day totals 180 minutes. Divide that by 60, and you find that your employee spends almost three hours each day counting money. Counting money instead of making it. With Ca$hMate, your one employee can perform the same task in less than 20 minutes! Not only does this increase efficiency and accuracy, but it also increases your bottom line.

    Great! You saved time! However, where time is most valuable, is when it equals money. Let's take a quick look at your labor costs. If you pay your employee $10 an hour, you save $30 a day using Ca$hMate. That is almost $11,000 a year going back into your business! With minimum wage increasing, time is more valuable than ever before.

    Not only is the Money Counter an incredible tool, but the company behind the product is just as great. As a small family business, Interline Cash Systems, Inc., offers 24/7 customer service and the guarantee of a live person to assist you. This is even available for international customers. "It is so rare to find service like this now a days...", says Brad Armstrong from Roller Kingdom, Reno, Nevada, "...the customer service is amazing and set up was so simple. The Ca$hmate can be found in thousands of locations all over the world for a reason."

    If you don't believe what you are reading, we encourage you to go to our website: , and read some of our testimonial letters, or view a video demo. 

    Video demo link:

    If you have any questions, feel free to call our toll-free line at 1-888-437-0920. We encourage you to start saving time and money as soon as possible!

    Thank you,

    John J. Kinley V.P.

    InterLine Cash Systems, Inc.

    (239) 207-6007


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