Last Call Trivia

Newport,  KY 
United States
  • Booth: 538

Quick, CUSTOM Trivia Nights

Last Call Trivia is one of the largest and most sought-after Trivia Night providers in the country.  While Last Call Trivia does offer full-service Trivia Nights in various major metropolitan areas, it has developed a new patent-pending product that gives its clients the ability to customize trivia shows within a matter of seconds.  Each show comes with training videos/manuals, promo materials, game materials, and a custom PowerPoint show presentation.

In addition to Trivia, we also offer Last Call Feud and Last Call Music Bingo.

Last Call Feud challenges teams to identify the most popular answers to survey questions. Feud is a fun and unique game that gets even the most Trivia-averse players involved.

Last Call Music Bingo puts a fun twist on the classic Bingo format. Players listen to a setlist of song clips and cross off the titles on their Bingo cards as the song is played.

Whether you're looking to start a Trivia Night, improve the one you already have, or explore a new entertainment option altogether, come talk to us at Booth 555 to find out how we can help your business.


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Brands: Last Call Trivia - Answer general knowledge trivia questions. Last Call Feud - Identify the most popular answers to survey questions. Last Call Music Bingo - A twist on the classic Bingo format.