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United States
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KOTODO, Best Tea Canisters, Handcrafted in Japan since 1910

KOTODO takes pride in its company's profound history of unequaled service, exquisite craftsmanship, and a culture of honesty. Founded in 1910 in Tokyo, Japan, KOTODO has been the leading manufacturer of high-grade tin tea canisters for 113 years. All products are made by the hands of craftsmen, using all materials from Japan. The safety features are strengthened by incorporating the help of machinery while maintaining a modern style fused with a traditional Japanese design.


The 5 features of KOTODO canisters

  1. High-quality Tin Plated Steel
  2. Handmade premium Inner gold lid with a steel knob
  3. Committed to the perfectly aligned pattern
  4. Smooth Surface
  5. Safety first  

Please Click here for "The 5 features of KOTODO canisters" video

Visit our booth and experience beautiful and high quality handmade Japanese KOTODO canisters in person! Feel the soft and delicate washi paper, and smooth lid slipping right off the can with our own hands.

Enjoy the tradition of KOTODO and exceptional craftsmanship in every one of their masterpieces.

Brands: KOTODO: Yu-zen Washi Tin Canisters (hand-wrapped in traditional Japanese washi paper), Matcha & Coffee Canisters and more! BLUNA: TYTE (Airtight & Smell proof Canisters), Travel TYTE

 Show Specials

  • 1. These Washi Designs will only be unveiled at World Tea Expo 2023

    • Special designs (11 patterns) only available at the Show
    • Sample Canisters (Size: 200g Long) will be displayed
    • Only 100 pieces of each will be available for order
    • No bar-code on the packages

    2. Unveiling of new items: KURO-KOMON

    • We will be accepting ordered at the show! ( Shipment will be in June. )