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If you would like to cut the cost of oil purchases in half..

OiLChef is the award winning brand that helps Bars, Clubs, Hotels, Restuarants, Cafes and other food service establishments to signficantly reduce their cost of fried food.  If you want to reduce your oil purchases by at least 35% every month for th enext 3 years and reduce your energy consumption in addition to improving carbon impact, come and spea to us today and ask about a free product trial. Our products come with a full warranty of 3 years and a money back guarantee.

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  • (Mar 14, 2023)
    EachNew Client can take advantage of 20% discount for orders made on the day.


  • OiLChef
    The award winning OiLChef device is a catalyst that helps keep your cooking oil in deep fryers alive and fresher for longer and in some cases it can triple the life....

  • Small oil preserving product that can be placed in deep fryers. Using the OiLChef in your fryer enables you to cook food quicker and reduce the oil absorption of your food. This technology is virtually maintenance free, unbreakable and comes with a free trial and money back guarantee!
  • OiLChef SP
    Device to double the life of cooking oil in deep fryers....

  • OiLChef Device to keep fryer oil alive for longer and improve food quality.
  • OiLChef Chicken Pressure Fryer OiL Saving Device
    Special unit designed to shorten cooking times, reduce oil absorption into fried food and double the life span of cooking oil in pressure fryers. The lighter golden deep fried chicken in the left fryer is cooked with the OILChef device inside....

  • Innovative Eco-Friendly Device for fitting inside high volume - highly breaded fresh and frozen chicken pressure fryers. This technology enables faster cooking times and this cooking time reduction varies but can be as little as one minute to as much as 3 minutes depending on recipe and type of food.