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The first Eau de Vie Spirit from strawberries is here!!!

STRAWBAR premium spirits are made exclusively from organic wild strawberries, grown in Florina, Greece. The strawberries that are the base raw material for the creation of STRAWBAR are carefully picked, sorted and washed by hand, one by one. The distillation process fully respects the raw material, which is immediately noticeable, as the beloved strawberry aroma completes the experience of enjoyment from the very first sip.

Strawbar Origin and Strawbar Platinum are the first in a collection that will develop to introduce further fruit-based spirits to an international market ripe for being shaken and stirred in the most fascinatingly refreshing way, delighting perceptive palates across the globe with an ultra-modern taste of the new.

Brands: STRAWBAR Origin - Double distilled 40% abv & STRAWBAR Platinum - Triple distilled 45% abv


  • STRAWBAR Origin
    STRAWBAR ORIGIN 40.0% abv is a true eau de vie, a spirit that encapsulates, in its freshness, the tasty and aromatic essence of a strawberry....

  • Appearance: Crystalline, shiny.

    Aroma: Intense nose bursting with clean aromas of wild strawberry to then release delicate aromas of red forest fruits and wildflowers.

    Taste: Generous expression in the mouth, characterized by soft alcohol, oily body and a velvety finish that releases floral notes.

    Long elegant strawberry aftertaste.

  • STRAWBAR Platinum
    STRAWBAR PLATINUM 45.0% abv is our luxury, triple distilled eau de vie. Its character is more intense, for a broader, more lingering aftertaste....

  • Description

    Appearance: Crystalline, shiny.

    Aroma: Complexity on the nose that combines the fruity character of strawberry and small red fruits with the floral of a potpourri of dried flowers. All covered nicely by a spicy mantle of freshly ground peppers.

    Taste: Warm and oily in the mouth with spicy notes and a long strawberry aftertaste.