Takahashi Shuzo Co, Ltd.

Hitoyoshi City,  Kumamoto 
  • Booth: J50

Try the distilled spirit more popular in Japan than Sake!

From the “Hidden Fields of Kuma” in southern Japan, TAKAHASHI SHUZO has made Rice Shochu (distilled rice liquor) for over 120 years!

  • Mixologists worldwide are starting to take notice of Shochu’s clean, aromatic flavor and incredible versatility in their innovative cocktail creations.
  • We were among the first to pioneer vacuum distillation methods in Shochu production.
  • Even served simply on the rocks, it delights when paired with food or enjoyed alone.

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Brands: KINJO SHIRO (ABV24%) - Robust and smooth, similar to whisky. GINREI SHIRO (ABV24%) - Clear and elegant Ginjo aroma. UMEPON (ABV10%) - Light & refreshing citrus liqueur.