Think Twice- Alco Prevention Canada breathalyzers  

Bellevue,  WA 
United States
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Protect your business and the community by reducing risk.

Think Twice and Alco Prevention Canada are the leading providers of breathalyzer services and products in North America.

Liquor liability lawsuits are the number one threat to a successful bar business, and in a fast-paced hospitality environment it’s difficult for your service team to know if a guest will drive impaired later. When people say they “feel okay to drive" without understanding breath-alcohol-content or DUI laws, that behavior places everyone at risk, including alcohol serving establishments caught up in an overserving lawsuit. Right or wrong, the justice system can hold the owner of the liquor license responsible for the actions of their servers and customers, but when it comes to effective action the $1 million question is; what more can be done?

Think Twice and Alco Prevention Canada empower your team with skills and tools that shift responsibility back to the public. The largest hospitality insurance providers endorse this approach because breathalyzers are used by law enforcement to arrest people. Visit our booth to learn how preventing DUIs will reduce your risk and protect the community!

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