XXI Martinis  

Columbus,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: 333

Stop by XXI Martinis (Booth #1) and GET READY TO SHAKE

Get READY TO SHAKE.  XXI Martinis is proud to present premium "Ready to Shake" martinis including the Espresso, the Chocolate, and the Chocolate Peppermint.  Say goodbye to expensive espresso machines, time consuming, multiple ingredient cocktails and say hello to premium vodka, decadent, classy, elegant delicious cocktails.  First and foremost we are an incredible Martini but blend us with ice for a great Frappuccino, over ice cream as an affogato or Las Vegas' favorite, the Sparkplug shot.  We can't wait for you to stop by and sample XXI Martinis and see for yourself how easy it is now to serve your customers with premier cocktails that save time, money, bar space and ingredients.  If you love the Espresso, the Chocolate and the Chocolate Peppermint, wait until you see what we have for you to SHAKE this summer!  We are located in NXT Booth #1 and we are READY TO SHAKE!

Brands: XXI Martinis - Espresso XXI Martinis - Chocolate XXI Martinis - Chocolate Peppermint


  • XXI Martinis - Espresso
    Premium Vodka, Premium Espresso simplifies this time consuming, multi-ingredient cocktail quick and simple without giving up the quality of a craft made cocktail....

  • Rich, velvety, freshly brewed espresso awakens taste buds with a balance of bitter and sweet notes, energizing body and spirit. Together with premium vodka, this smooth, coffee lover’s dream elevates the martini to decadent dessert, or “this-party’s-just-getting-started” status.
  • XXI Martinis - Chocolate
    Premium Vodka, Premium Chocolate creates the perfect Chocolate Martini....

  • Think smooth and creamy milk chocolate. Perfectly balanced sweetness. Premium vodka. We call it comfort meets indulgence. This is what a chocolate martini aspires to be.  Serve as a martini or add to your coffee or your favorite ice cream to make the perfect affogato.