DEHY Garnish

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Modern, refined dehydrated garnishes

We here at DEHY take pride in producing the highest quality dehydrated cocktail garnishes - offering a wide variety of fruits & flowers to help you elevate your beverage program while reducing waste, saving money, and creating more perceived value for your guests. Wholesale pricing and direct shipping are available on all of our products. 

Experience the benefits of switching to dehydrated garnishes -

  • Elevate your program - By using our products you add the level of craft bartending your guests will appreciate 
  • Reduce Labor - Save time and money on prep work so your staff can focus on guest experience
  • Increase Perceived Value - Our garnishes add a level of refinement that help to justify increasing cocktail prices 
  • Long lasting - If properly stored, dehydrated products will last indefinitely
  • Cost effective - Wholesale pricing fits easily into even the most aggressive cost of good targets
  • Sustainability - Help meet your brands sustainability goals by reducing wasted fresh produce and lowering your carbon foot print
  • Instagrammable - Create stunning cocktail presentations to increase guest engagement on social media

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