Bionutrigen Co., Ltd

Korea (South)
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You are welcome to our booth #1351 and try our products.

Bionutrigen Co. Ltd is making strong effort to make the world best slimming tea, liver health tea, anti-hangover drink, no caffeine-no sugar Energy drink and herbal medicine detoxifier with natural food ingredients JBB20 which is extracted from fruits and vegetables.

Our product liver supplement, Energy drink nature’s energizer, anti-hangover dirnk and stamina-up dirnk JBB20 Red ginseng are exported to USA, Russia, China, Canada, EU and southeast Asia.

We have completed a clinical study for Liver Function improving agent in France and the clinical result was presented in Gastroenterology conference Berlin in 2013.

We also completed clinical study of JBB20 in Moscow, Russia in 2016.

We supply the following products;

a. Wehayeah Plus: The strongest anti-hangover tea in the world

b. Liver Supplement: The world best liver health tea

c. Slim&Slim: Best diet tea

d. Fatclean Meal: Diet breakfast meal

e. Nature’s energizer(drink): No sugar and no caffeine energy drink

f. Wehayeah Plus(drink): Strong anti-hangover drink

g. JBB20 Red Ginseng(drink): Stamina-up drink

Brands: a. Wehayeah Plus b. Liver Supplement c. Slim&Slim d. Fatclean Meal e. Nature’s energizer(drink) f. Wehayeah Plus(drink) g. JBB20 Red Ginseng(drink)