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Jayco Cleaning Technologies provides ultrasonic and spray cleaning equipment that uses leading technology to deliver the most consistent, highest quality clean while reducing cycle times so precision manufacturers can get more done.

Whether a modular ultrasonic cleaning line, a rotary basket washer, a stainless-steel cabinet washer, safer chemistries, or the deepest expertise in cleaning technologies with customer-centered service, JAYCO is your one-stop partner for critical cleaning.

JAYCO’s leadership team of seasoned engineers each has more than 20 years direct experience in cleaning technologies. This enables us to provide white glove service from initial conversations through selection, installation, training, validation and maintenance of your precision manufacturing cleaning process. JAYCO’s commitment to ensure that you surpass even the most stringent cleaning requirements is unequalled, particularly for the medical, photonics, optical, military, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing sectors.  


  • MAFAC JAVA or PALMA Rotating Basket Washer | JAYCO
    Choose MAFAC JAVA or PALMA with a patented rotation of cleaning & drying. Vacuum- and rotary-drying gain a 25% cycle time reduction and an added benefit is that parts come out cool to touch immediately....

  • If you're a manufacturer of precision parts, and require high-quality parts cleaning, consider the MAFAC JAVA or PALMA from JAYCO Cleaning.

    These units use the finest in German engineering and a patented rotation of the cleaning and drying manifolds along with co-rotation of the cleaning basket to provide fast and superior cleaning with a dramatic reduction of cleaning process time.

    Available integrated Vacuum Drying further enhances parts drying. This combined with Rotary Drying Manifold provides a 26% cycle time reduction and an added benefit is that parts come out cool to touch immediately.

    Watch a video about MAFAC Palma and how it works on JAYCO's YouTube channel.
  • Elma Modular Cleaning Lines | JAYCO
    Elma - a 2020 Top Innovator - has modular cleaning systems that feature multi-frequency technology which integrates various approaches for cleaning, rinsing & drying to optimize your cleaning process and efficiently clean various part designs....

  • The Elma Xtra Line from JAYCO is an modular cleaning system with multi-frequency technology which integrates various approaches for cleaning, rinsing and drying to optimize your cleaning process with efficiency and regulatory effectiveness. These systems, as well as their accessories and the chemistries, are adaptable to your individual cleaning tasks, process adjustments, and parts designs. See the full Xtra Line video on JAYCO's YouTube channel.

    Flexibility to build the system that perfectly suits your cleaning challenges and physical environment is one reason why Elma was recognized as a 2020 Top Innovator! For your ease, JAYCO Cleaning offers all the accessories, parts, set up, service, training, validation, chemicals and maintenance to give you one less worry for your parts operations.

    More machine shops are looking to bring passivation of stainless steel parts in-house for better quality control, lower costs and shorter lead times. But, they have questions given that a finishing process such as this, which removes free iron from the surface of stainless steel parts, often isn’t their core competency. Machining is. Read more about bringing passivation in house on Production Machining.

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