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Engis provides innovative and effective finishing systems for precision lapping, polishing, honing and grinding. We are in a unique position to offer a full systems approach to your superfinishing challenges by not only supplying products and machines but through our process development labs; we offer efficient turnkey systems to achieve your manufacturing objectives.

Engis is the leading expert in the use of diamond and CBN to improve part geometries and surface finishes as well as lower overall production costs. In brief, Engis provides "Surface Engineering Through Diamond Expertise".

Our process development labs work hand-in-hand with you to overcome even the most challenging manufacturing hurdle, whether it is honing, lapping, grinding or polishing. Contact us today and let us put our application and manufacturing expertise to work for you to make you a leader in your field.


  • Bore Honing Systems
    From tool and fixture design, through machine design, engineering, and manufacturing, to process development, metrology, final run-off, automation packages, IIoT and secure remote monitoring, and in-field support.

  • Single-Pass Honing Bore Finishing Process

    The Single-pass honing/bore finishing process involves a series of pre-set diamond coated tools that get passed through a bore with a single in-and-out stroke movement while the tool, part, or both are rotating.

    Product Focus: 

    • Single-Pass Bore Finishing Process
    • Superior Quality
    • Single-Pass Bore Finishing vs. Conventional Honing

      Conventional hole finishing/bore honing utilizes a tool with cutting surfaces that expand and contract as the tool reciprocates in the bore through the cycle. Unfortunately, simultaneous radial and axial movement make controlling bore size (ID) and geometry (cylindricity) more difficult. Conversely, the Engis single-pass bore finishing process uses fixed-size bore finishing tools electroplated with diamond abrasive particles. These tools pass through the bore only once, removing a specific amount of material. Using a series of progressively larger bore finishing tools (coated with progressively finer superabrasive particles) enables precise and repeatable control.

  • Lapping and Polishing Systems
    Our systems are suitable for processing a vast range of materials: metals, ceramics, glass, semiconductor substrates, plastics, and other advanced materials. We have developed solutions for many industries, improving quality, efficiency, and cost....

  • The Hyprez® System offers a complete solution for the most demanding surface finishing needs: machine, accessories, consumables, and process development.

    Engis is a global leader in designing and manufacturing complete lapping and polishing systems that offer the highest quality finished components, processed in the quickest cycle times while minimizing manufacturing costs. But the machine is just one part of the process; what sets us apart from the competition is our unique ability to provide Process Development and Customer Support that is second to none.



    • Slurry Mixing/Dispensing Systems
    • Hyprez Lapping Plates
    • Hyprez Conditioning & Work Rings
    • Part Carriers and Mounting Accessories
  • Superabrasive Tools
    Electrogrip ® diamond and CBN electroplated grinding wheels, and cutting tools are engineered to your exact requirements and designed to deliver unsurpassed productivity with consistent quality....

  • We offer tailor-made grinding wheels, pins, dressing blocks, and more specialty items.

    We offer a complete range of superabrasive electroplated products for precision applications. Engis also manufactures electroplated products for more demanding applications such as ceramics, fiberglass pipe, and composites

    • Superabrasive wheels
    • Diamond blocks & tools
    • Diamond pins & mandrels
    • Diamond saw blades
    • Specialized tools
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