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Bridging the gap between mechanical gauging and CMMs, the LaserGauge handheld laser profiling system uses Virtual Gauges for dimensional measurements and surface contour analysis of gap/step/angle, fastener/rivets, FOD (scratches, pitting, corrosion, dents, gouges), welds (butt, lap, fillet), pin height, seal measurement, wrinkle inspection, composite roughness, adhesive bead height, v-grooves, burr height, fretting/wear, inside and outside radius, break edge, turbine blade leading and trailing edge, flanges, floor beams, spars corners, paint step height, rib step, stringer, etching depth and a host of custom applications. 

LMI Corporation also offers inspection solutions for wireless seal gap, hole location, surface probes, data collectors and transmitters, door closing efforts and other fixture checking tools.

In addtion to our standard stable of metrological tools, LMI Corporation has a strong Research & Development division that meets and exceeds the rigorous quality standards of today’s leading manufacturers. Our experienced engineering department designs unique gauges for unique applications, so if the solution doesn't exist, we will create it for you. Let us be your competitive advantage on the road to quality and success.

 Press Releases

  • WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA.—October 19, 2021—LMI Corporation, a worldwide provider of dimensional measurement tools, today announced at the EASTEC Tradeshow in West Springfield, MA as the latest company to complete their certification as a Universal Robots (UR) Certified System Integrator. 

    “Automation addresses many manufacturing challenges, most notably, labor shortages” says Brian Green, President, LMI Corporation. “Combining LMI’s LaserGauge Sensors with the UR Robots offers our customers more reliable automated measurement capabilities at an affordable cost while addressing the labor challenges they are facing.”

    About LMI Corporation
    For over 30 years, LMI Corporation has provided a wide variety of dimensional gauging tools, including sequential flush & gap gauges, surface probes, true position gauges, data collectors, digital transmitters, non-contact laser sensors, door closing effort sensors, support software utilities, and fully automated gauging systems worldwide.

    LMI Corporation has engineered custom measurement gauges to suit unique applications for just about every automotive and aerospace manufacturer domestically and abroad. Our three decades worth of experience and know-how can provide your company with unique gauging tools that will lead to increased quality and productivity, which in turn will lead to improved products and cost savings. From surface checks to flush and gap measurements and hole location, LMI Corporation has the right tool for your application.

    To learn more about LMI Corporation, please contact:

    LMI Corporation
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  • LaserGauge HS742
    The HS742 with Blue Laser Technology is a 3D Cross-Hatch sensor and is specifically used for measuring countersink alignment, fastener depth and dielectric fill height in the aerospace industry....

  • The HS742 DSP sensor with Blue Laser Technology is a 3D laser profiler housed in a totally self-contained, portable, handheld package. Expanding on the unique capabilities of the LaserGauge® line of DSP sensors, the HS742 utilizes a laser stripe grid with cutting edge optics and is specifically designed for inspecting and measuring fastener flushness, countersink alignment and dielectric fill height. Surface maps are displayed in real-time on the color LCD, and measurements are extracted and simultaneously written to the data table.

    • Field of View Options: 1.20” x 1.20” (30mm x 30mm) Scanning Region
    • Display Size: 2.4” Horizontal
    • Features include:

    Blue cross-hatch lasers

    1270 scan points over sensor field-of-view

    1 GHz DSP processor – measurements are completed in as little as ½ second.

    Totally self-contained – no need for external PC or cables for operation

    • Automatic gain optimization – scanning on wide variety of colors/finishes

    Blue Laser Technology - High speed advanced optics and Blue Laser Technology works accurately on all kinds of surfaces including painted, unpainted, translucent, transparent, some plastic, composite, and shiny.

    Display Output - Numerical and graphical results are displayed and can indicate in- or out-of-spec conditions. Operation feedback is provided to assist the operator in obtaining the best measurements.

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