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Mikron offers the high performance CrazyDrill and NS-tool end mill lines, as well as high output, automatic Machining Systems. Extensive inventory in Connecticut on CrazyDrills up to 50xd with thru feed coolant, MiQu-Drills and End Mills. Standard drill sizes range from 0.1 to 6.0mm and end mills from 0.1 to 12mm. Special tools are quoted upon request.

The new CrazyDrill Flex is a innovative carbide drill with the flexibility of a HSS tool. Ideal for work on multispindle lathes and transfer machines.

Mikron automatic Machining Systems are used for the large volume machining of small precision components where process stability, precision and cost-per-part are crucial.


  • CrazyDrill and CrazyMill Hexalobe
    NEW: the solution for hexalobular bone screws...

  • A drilling tool, a milling cutter, an ultimate machining strategy with perfectly adapted parameters; this is needed, when machining medical screws made from titanium or stainless steel. Mikron Tool developed a turn-key solution, which simultaneously does the machining of hexalobular bone screws (better known as Torx®) 50% faster, guaranteeing also a high precision of the profile and achieving nearly burr-free results. 

    The four operations (pre-hole drilling – chamfering – milling – deburring) can be completed in three operations with two tools. First a step drill does the center bore and a chamfer of 120 degrees and this right away with an excellent surface quality of Ra 0.2um, Rz 0.8um. After the milling of the final shape, this tool will be used once again in the last operation to achieve a nearly burr-free surface and superior surface quality. The milling cutter with 3 or 4 flutes – depending on diameter – is available in two standard lengths, so that depending of the screw type, different Torx shapes can be machined. It’s high stiffness allows machining with high feeds and massive stepover, while still guaranteeing the necessary hexalobular profile accuracy. The surface quality is given by the special geometry which also affords to work with high stepover so that the operation can be completed with few steps.

  • Swiss cutting tools for challenging materials
    Mikron Tool - WE LOVE CHALLENGES...

  • Tools are our passion, small dimensions are our specialty and hard-to-machine materials are our challenge. The everyday life of Mikron Tool is around these attributes.

    We are working daily to achieve a leadership position worldwide in high precision machining of small dimensions and challenging materials. This includes both the regular introduction of new and unique metal work tools on the market and the development of concrete solutions directly with the customers. In everything we undertake, the high level of competence is important. We are keeping up with that, whereby we concentrate on our strong points. Strong points such as best trained and motivated employees, intensive development activities or investing in most advanced production technologies.

    Our offer is always about the adequate processing solution with tungsten carbide cutting tools: the customer selects either a solution that is specific for him or a product from the standardized tool program, which is available directly from stock. The main emphasis is on small dimensions in the drill bits sizes with diameter from .0039” to 1/4” (0.1 to 6.35 mm).

    In the area of customer-specific tools, the offer comprises the centering and chamfering, milling, turning, grinding or deburring and up to complex combination tools in the diameter range between 0039” and 1.26” (0.1 mm and 32 mm). These tools, with a focus on the machining of difficult materials, offer a high degree of precision and applications. A single customer-specific tool can often replace a number of standard tools, reduce significantly the processing times while increasing precision. Hereby not the costs per tool but the costs per manufactured part are in the foreground.

    The standardized tools of Mikron Tool come with highest performance, best quality, and precision directly from our stock. The offer comprises not only various types of drill bits, but also tools for centering, milling and deburring in the diameter range from 0.1 to 6 mm. However, the flexibility and adaptation to the requirements of the client is of a major importance here. Drill bit size, best suitable geometries, the right coatings - the possible variants are practically endless.

  • New Products 2021
    New: Fractional inches – Mikron Tool embracing U.S customary units...

  • Mikron Tool expands its offering and now provides tools with diameters in fractional inches, starting from 1/64” up to 1/4" depending on the product line. The United States is not only an industrially and technologically advanced nation, but is also at the forefront in many high-tech industries such as aerospace. Therefore, many measuring elements in this sector are expressed in U.S customary units (inches).

  • Swiss cutting tools for difficult-to-machine mater
    Swiss cutting tools for difficult-to-machine mater...

  • Mikron Tool offers various types of drilling and milling tools in the diameter range from .0039” to .315” (0.1 to 8 mm), including fractional inches. The range of products is specific to materials such as stainless steel, titanium, CoCr alloys and heat resistant super alloys.

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