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NES: specializing in Precision Parts Washing, Cleaning & Degreasing Equipment, FPI-Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Systems, Passivation, Mass Finishing & Deburring, ZLD Closed-loop Recycle Systems & Industrial Waste Treatment

Pero Corp: Vacuum Technology Cleaning and Degreasing Systems. Environmentally Friendly Vapor Degreasing.
Ideal for precision cleaning of parts with blind holes, screw machine components, oily parts. Pero's unique vacuum cleaning technology provides thoroughly clean & dry parts. 

Proceco: Integrated Cleaning Systems. Wide range of heavy-duty standard & custom designed PROCECO TYPHOON® Cabinet Spray Washers, Rotating Spray/Immersion Washers, Semi & Fully Automated Cleaning Systems, Conveyor Belt Spray Washers, FPI & Wet Chemical Process Lines, Zero Discharge Waste Water Treatment Systems. 

RAMCO Equipment Corp: Immersion Agitating/Turbulating/Rotating/Ultrasonic Parts Washers, Degreasers & Cleaning Systems. Semi & Fully automated FPI, Passivation and Surface Treatment Systems


  • Passivation
    Passivation systems for surface contamination removal use a chemical acid solution to strip excess iron from stainless steel....

  • Passivation systems for surface contamination removal use a chemical acid solution to strip excess iron from stainless steel. This process involves immersing parts and components into an acid bath for as much as two hours, then rapidly drying them. This practice promotes the formation of a thin, hard and protective chromic-oxide layer that provides additional corrosion resistance.
  • FPI-Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
    Your team can use FPI to look for forging or casting defects on newly manufactured products....

  • This process is also ideal for identifying fatigue cracks and other signs of wear on in-service components that are invisible to the naked eye. FPI is effective for testing nonporous surfaces. These systems can handle metallic or nonmetallic, conductive or nonconductive, and magnetic or nonmagnetic materials.

    FPI follows a simple process:

    • Application: The system coats the test item with non-damaging fluorescent liquid.
    • Penetration: The fluid penetrates any surface-breaking discontinuities.
    • Removal: The equipment removes any excess penetrant fluid from the test item.
    • Inspection: The system performs a careful inspection using ultraviolet light.
  • Automated Precision Parts Washing
    Having the right parts washer equipment in your facility will help you save time, reduce manual processes, gain better results and create a safer work environment....

  • Industrial parts washers and vapor degreasing equipment are essential for keeping tools, parts and equipment clean. You can use them for several industrial applications to help things run smoothly, promote stellar quality and ensure products coming off the manufacturing line are ready for the next production stage. Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more about the parts washing equipment we have available.
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