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NTK is a global supplier of advanced cutting tool products: BIDEMICS, Ceramic, Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN), Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD), and Micro-Grain Carbide grade inserts. A comprehensive line of holders, cutters, and end mills for traditional machine applications and unique tools designed for Swiss style CNC machines.

We are a division of the Japanese corporation NGK Spark Plugs established in 1936. And, with over 80 years of manufacturing expertise in research, development and technological innovation we produce the most advanced highest-quality industry products that are a “real value” and deliver reliable manufacturing performance. Industries serviced by our tooling include Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic components, Energy, Heavy equipment, Medical / Dental, Steel mill, and Specialized components. We provide technical support to develop the best solution for the customer’s specific manufacturing job. 

NTK's impressive selection of Swiss Tooling includes the top of the line 3D molded chip breakers: CX (cut-off), GX (grooving), and BM (back turning) and exceptional tool designs to solve many common issues when machining on Swiss type lathes. Y-Axis holders utilize gravity to drop chips away from the part. Be sure to check out our complete line of Swiss tooling products.

We provide technical support to develop the best solution for the customer’s specific manufacturing job. By asking questions to understand the issues faced - from the part material composition, a specific feature to be generated, part shape, machine set-up, and programming; success is built. 

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SolidCAM is a Strong, Independent, Customer-focused, Complete CAM system, seamlessly integrated in SolidWorks and Inventor. 

 Press Releases

  • Get a jump on productivity- Solid Ceramic End Mills have proven results of up to 20 x higher productivity compared to carbide end mills when machining HRSA materials, such as Inconel 718. Our RCS... end mills in 4, 6, and 8 flute end mills incorporate specific edge designs capable of machining cast iron parts with superior results.  The extreme performance is achieved with combined characteristics of durability from the SX9 ceramic grade and toughness built into the unique flute edge design for excellent chipping resistance and long tool life. The end mill’s balance of toughness and wear resistance enables them to machine even the most demanding applications.  

    See our Ceramic End mill in action

    NTK’s BIDEMICS is an industry changing material available in JX1, JP2, New JX3 with its increased toughness,, and JP0.  These grades effectively machine Heat Resistant Super Alloy (HRSA) materials like Inconel 718 and Rene 65 at speeds of 1600 SFM, increasing productivity for parts manufacturers. When JX1 and JX3 grades are run at typical whisker ceramic speeds customers easily achieve double the tool life over whisker grades but, BIDEMICS’ excellence shines-through at increased speeds. For finishing operations, BIDEMICS JP2 and New JP0 achieve 10-15 times higher speed capability over carbides and better wear and notch resistance than CBN’s. Manufacturers looking for cost reductions by increasing part production with better cutting speeds and consistent part straightness, check out BIDEMICS.

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    NTK’s alumina ceramic and CBN grades improve tool life and productivity while reducing cost on demanding hard turning applications.One implementation of RCGX103P8015 HC7 ceramic insert profiling a cast iron roll along a 27.6” LOC. The grade’s toughness (withstanding stresses and strains) and edge wear resistance (withstanding heat generated and material abrasiveness) enables longer tool life. HC7 ran at 650 - 800 SFM, feeding at .010 - .015 IPR through varied DOC. The insert performance resulted in more effective machining at high speeds and feeds while also reducing tooling costs with the extended life of the cutting edge.  

    See product details on our website         

  • From our high performance grades

    ST4, a new super tough PVD coated carbide grade with a thick CrAIN coating that extends tool life providing high hardness and oxidation resistance solving issues related to machining materials such as: 304SS, 17-4PH, and Nitinol. High speed machining applications with ST4 inserts have proven results with stable machining, excellent surface finishes, and extended tool life. This super tough coating combined with the best chip-breakers in the industry will exceed your machining expectations. For front turning (YL,CL,AM3 on psistive inserts) and and (UL, ZP on negative inserts), back turning (BM), grooving (GX), cut-off (CX, TH), and ID turning (FG, F1, F05 direct chip evacuation in blind holes).

    This grade is made for machining tough stainless-steel materials but can also tackle other difficult applications. A customer machining a 22-inch overall length flexible wire from Nitinol achieved 504 pieces per corner and excellent surface quality using our DCGT32.508MYL ST4 insert running at 62 SFM at a feed of .0005 IPR and .005” DOC. This difficult cut was made easy with the right insert grade and chip-breaker.

    In a back turning operation on a cable fitting made of 4140 steel the manufacturer was able to complete 750 pcs. / corner running at 400 SFM and 0.001” feed; machining a .195” LOC on the part.  The TBP72FR20M-BM insert in ST4 provided a 30% faster cycle time over the competition.

    To our exceptional tooling

    TFX front turning carbide inserts (wiper style available) for Swiss CNC applications, capable of machining large depths of cut in a single pass (up to 0.197”). The inserts incorporate a special chip-breaker with a sharp cutting edge to provide excellent chip control and surface finishes. TFX inserts are available in DM4 (for titanium, cobalt chrome, heat resistant alloys and stainless steels) and New ST4 (best for stainless steels like 304 & 17-4PH). The corresponding TFT series holders have rigid side screw clamping to ensure stable turning by preventing movement of the insert from z-directional cutting forces.  Pair the TFX inserts with a coolant through holder (TFT...-OH2) to improve chip evacuation, surface finish, part tolerance, and tool life. The -OH2 style holders are compatible with new coolant through gangs (on Citizen L20 & D25 CNC machines.)

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