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Georgetown,  KY  40324-8021

United States
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In 1961, we became the 1st company in Japan to successfully synthesize a diamond.

As a pioneer in the field of synthetic diamonds, we continue to contribute to the development of industries around the world wide from Japan.

- We create great possibilities in these tiny beautiful grains.

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  • Diamond Powder - IRM
    Diamond powder in Micron size...

  • It is an abrasive grain with many characteristics and a long history, and shows excellent performance in pastes, slurries, pellets, and dicing saws.

    When used in diamond wheels, the performance of the abrasive grains can be further enhanced by using a resin binder.

  • Diamond Powder - MD
    Diamond powder in Sub-micron size...

  • Diamond powder for electronic component processing. MD series are precisely classified single crystal diamond abrasive grains with D50 value controlled in nm.

    It is suitable for diamond slurries and diamond pastes used in precision machining of aluminum hard disks, MR heads, ferrite and fine ceramics.

  • Diamond Powder - IRV3
    Diamond powder in mesh size...

  • Abrasive grains for special resin bond.

    The porous grit structure with high specific surface area of this abrasive increases the friability over lRV and enhances continual generation of sharp edges. Suitable for grinding of carbide alloy, cermets and other tough work materials. Also characterized with moderate grinding force and very low finished surface roughness.

  • Diamond Powder - PM
    Diamond powder in sub-micron size...

  • PM series powders are a MD diamond based single-crystal product for the uses in super high precision machining, with a special surface treatment.

  • Diamond Powder - IMG
    Diamond powder in mesh size...

  • An abrasive with a coordination of rather blocky grit shape and moderate friability. Suitable,either metaI or vitrified bonded, to a wide range of useS from glass and ceramic grinding to masonry polishing.

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