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To remain competitive on a global stage, manufacturers need to embrace advanced analytics that give them a real-time understanding of the efficiency of their operations. But with a shortage of data professionals and a lack of software vendors supporting the manufacturing space, it’s been up to individual manufacturers to cobble together a data strategy to support their company.

Enter Datanomix. We listened to the industry and built a truly hands-off solution that delivers real-time production intelligence. With Datanomix, your company has an always-on monitor that shows you what’s happening on your floor right now, and the historical data to analyze trends over time.

By delivering the insights you need when you need them,
Datanomix is a partner for your future success.


Datanomix delivers next-gen production monitoring in real time while revealing deep business insights over time for precision machining manufacturing companies.


The Datanomix Digital GEMBA Board becomes your factory communication hub, with smart TVs displaying up-to-date information at cells across the manufacturing floor. The end result: continuous improvement that soars!


DFF is currently experiencing massive growth, and to satisfy this expanding customer demand, we are building a data-driven culture. We partnered with  Datanomix because they are the only software platform that  delivers real-time and historical insights on every part we build,  and empowers every member of our team—from management to machine operators—with data to do their jobs better and faster. —Keith Campbell, DFF Corporation

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  • Automated Production Intelligence Platform
    Datanomix delivers real-time automated production intelligence with no operator input....

  • Transform Your Manufacturing with Automated Production Intelligence

    Manufacturing is tough. To turn a profit, 
    your machines and people need to work at peak efficiency at all times. But getting the information you need to analyze workflows, efficiency, and job costs can be difficult, which means the insights you need to transform your business with data is often just out of reach. Now, you can close the production insights gap with Datanomix.

    There is a better way to get the production insights you need for your business. By automating the collection of data from CNC machines and combining this with advanced machine learning to analyze the data, Datanomix has created a new class of production monitoring solutions we call Automated Production Intelligence.

    With the Datanomix platform, information and insights are delivered in real-time, when and where you need them. Simply connect Datanomix to your CNC machines and we automatically turn raw machine data into real-time production intelligence that answers your most common production questions in seconds. Your entire team is empowered with real-time production intelligence, all without requiring any human input.

    Datanomix Supports How You Work

    We know manufacturers are always busy. So when we designed the Datanomix platform, we knew we couldn’t add more work to your plate. You just need answers. That’s why Datanomix makes it simple to get the real-time production intelligence you need for day-to-day operations, as well as the historical analysis required for continual improvement.

    • Automatically Grab All Your CNC Data
    • Benchmarks & Report Cards for Every Job
    • Broadcast Production Performance
    • Start Your Morning with Answers
    • Plan Operations with Data
    • Take the Guesswork Out of Job Costing

    No matter if you’re a job shop, producing parts in smaller batches, or a high production facility turning out thousands of the same parts every month, Datanomix saves all of your production data from every machine for every part. Now you have the ability to look at all of your historical data giving you insights over time, or to look up that specialty job from the past, allowing you to develop pricing based on actual data.


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  • Digital GEMBA Boards
    Your Factory Communication Hub...

  • For continuous improvement personnel, a GEMBA Board is one of the main methods used to collaborate and communicate their efforts with the rest of the factory. During a GEMBA Walk, the GEMBA Board is used to show everyone how the factory is performing overall, providing an opportunity to understand issues and develop solutions with input from the entire team. The goal: Work issues to closure with relevant problem solvers in real-time.

    The Datanomix Digital GEMBA Board improves on physical GEMBA boards by accelerating mission-critical information from ERP systems to the production floor so everyone sees it and the right people act on it. By connecting to your ERP, Digital GEMBA Boards display real-time metrics and historical drill-downs into any part number, customer, or order with just a few clicks, providing the context necessary for understanding and resolving issues.

    The Datanomix Digital GEMBA Board becomes your factory communication hub, with smart TVs displaying up-to-date information at cells across the manufacturing floor.  The end result: continuous improvement that soars!

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