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Do you wish you could decrease production cost and alleviate labor shortage and floor space issues? SW is a supplier of single and multi-spindle machining centers, automation an complete system solutions. With our multi-spindle machining centers, you can cut your space consumption and energy costs in half while reducing labor and cycle time per part by 60%. As a system supplier, we can design and implement a complete manufacturing system with automation specifically tailored to your workpiece. Globally, SW has 26 years of experience supplying machinery to the many industries, such as medical, automotive and EV, aerospace, shooting and sporting goods, agriculture and construction, and more! SW also has experience working under regulations such as ITAR, FFL and ISO. Visit us in Booth 1328 to discuss how we can maximize your productivity!

 Press Releases

  • SW North America will host live machining and automation demonstrations on all three days of Eastec in booth #1328 at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts on May 16 – 18, 2023. The demonstrations will include live machining of a steel hydraulic component and a knee implant on a BA 322i horizontal CNC machining center. As a systems supplier, SW will also be offering information on completely automated systems solutions for automotive, firearms, medical, aerospace, construction and agriculture industries, and more!

    The BA 322i is designed to function as an independent manufacturing cell that can store enough workpieces for an entire shift. This twin-spindle horizontal machining center doubles output while using less floorspace and less energy. The integrated 6-axis robot utilizes the vertical workpiece storage tower to load and unload workpieces in parallel to machining time thanks to the double swivel carrier. The monoblock and box-in-box design are proven SW standards, providing more stability and precision. This plug & play solution is perfect for the machining of impellers, brake calipers, scroll compressors, ABS valve bodies, and more.

    SW North America, Inc.


    Booth 1328

    SW North America, Inc. is a world class supplier of multi-spindle horizontal CNC machining centers, automation, and complete system solutions. The multi-spindle machining centers from SW enable highly efficient and precise production of components across many industries. As a system partner we also plan complete manufacturing lines with automation perfectly tailored to your components – all from a single provider.

    SW North America is a subsidiary of Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH. SW currently has 1300 employees worldwide. In addition to SW Automation in Tettnang, Germany, which specializes in automation, SW also has subsidiaries in France, Italy Poland, the USAChina, and Mexico.


    SW North America, 30160 Lyon Industrial Court, New Hudson, MI 48165, T.: +1 248-617-3800, contact.na@sw-machines.com, www.sw-machines.com

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  • The BA W08-12 for Fast, High-Precision Machining of Battery Trays and Other Large Parts

    SW’s BA W08-12 is the perfect solution for machining large workpieces made of aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. This machine features one spindle, two worktables, and a work area of 1500 x 900 x 650 mm on the X-, Y-, and Z-axis. Direct drive technology in all axes provides optimal acceleration and speed (up to 2 g and 120 m/min), and the independent X- and Z-axes increase flexibility and accuracy. Both 4- and 5-axis machining can be performed with ease. The large machining area makes it perfect for machining workpieces for the automotive, EV, aerospace, and agriculture and construction industries, and more. Efficiency can be increased even further by integrating one of SW’s modularly expandable automation solutions. The FloorRob, TopRob, Robot Gantry, and MobileRob AGV are all reliable automation possibilities to increase your productivity and eliminate the ergonomic challenges of large workpieces. This machine is also available as a twin-spindle model with one worktable, or as part of SW’s new single-table series with one worktable and one or two spindles.

  • The BA space3 for Fast, High-Precision Machining of Battery Trays and Other Large Parts

    Machine, automation and system solutions supplier, SW, recently released the BA space3 specifically for machining in the electric vehicle industry that meets these needs today and into the future. 

    The BA space3 is differentiated in equal parts by its size and speed. With an installation of footprint of 25.3m2, the machine is the largest in SW’s repertoire. It features a working rage of 3,000 x 1,800 x 875 mm on the X-, Y- and Z-axes respectively. On each of these axes, the HSK 63 spindle is able to reach a rapid traverse of 120 m/min, with a chip-to-chip time of 4-4.25s (depending on which optional features a customer selects). So not only is the machine capable of machining large structural components made of light metal material, such as battery trays, that are in such high demand in the industry – but it does so at speeds much faster than anything offered by the competition. The remarkable speed is due in large part to the linear drives in all feed axes. The resulting high dynamism and positioning accuracy reduces idle time and ups productivity—both of which are indispensable when it comes to meeting such high demand for high-volume and bulky components. 


    Further setting the BA space3 ahead is its flexibility. SW designed a swivel head specifically for the five-axis version of the machine (two axes — the A- and C-axes — are in the head itself). This enables machining from all angles while cutting down on the need to purchase further rotary tables. The other variant features an HSK63 spindle, enabling straightforward correction in all axes, thus increasing quality.

    The Q-axis contributes greatly to the dynamism of the 3-axis, rigid spindle variant. It can be turned for greater access to the workpiece. The Q-axis interference circle is Ø2,200mm x 3,480mm. The distance to the rotary table is 425-1,3000mm for the rigid spindle variant, and 165-1,040 mm for the swivel head.  In both variants, the table can accommodate more than just large parts. It is flexible and precise enough to machine subparts to be mounted together and brought to back to the machine to be processed into main part as a whole. After the machining process is finished, parts are rinsed out with coolant in the loading area. So, when all is said and done, what customers are left with is a completely finished component, ready to be packaged for shipping. 

    The tool magazine has been designed as a chain and can hold 40-80 tools including special tools in unique shapes and sizes.


    Demand for EV parts is increasing rapidly and will continue to do so moving forward. Automation that simplifies the machining processes while supporting traceability is important for success. The BA space3 can be interfaced with automation from SW, which is also world renowned for their automation solutions. Loading is possible via robot or other lifting aid such as a crane. Robot loading is enabled with either a portal solution in front of and above the machine or a floor solution. The machine is accessible either through the open top or the automatic L-shaped door. There is a drip tray to enable clean workpiece transport. Manual loading is possible from the front; however, it is limited by the size and weight of the component being loaded.

    Industry 4.0

    The BA space3 user experience is intuitive for operators due to the C|one control panel. The C|one is SW’s latest HMI and has been designed specifically for their machines. Among its many benefits is its interface for further software (e.g. the SW Core Portal). The 24-inch display is a multi-touch panel with force feedback to mitigate the risk of unintentional input. Tool management is intuitive, and dashboards are clearly delineated into application / service commissioning. The machine is also capable of holding unique and specially shaped tools. Users can monitor the service life status of tools, retrieve details of same, filter tools by process, cutting layers and indicates when a space is blocked due to an especially large tool. Additionally, the machine can be fitted with a portable HMI. Status can be monitored cable-free, and it provides a plant overview with remote capabilities, provided that then HMI is connected to the company network. The BA space3 comes with SW Core software integrated. It is secured with chip authorization needed for access.

    The IO-Link is another invaluable asset with regard to Industry 4.0. It acts as a standardized interface for communication between sensors and actuators. It enables straightforward parameter management, performance data monitoring, access to device and diagnostic information. With SW life Services, data evaluation is significantly enhanced. The central data is stored in the PLC. It enables simple component replacement in the plug and play solution. The I/O link enables more data acquisition, simplifies component exchange for plug and play and enables remote diagnosis up to the sensor / actuator. This improves data evaluation via the cloud, saves on service through faster detection of malfunctions and reduces downtime and necessitates fewer and shorter service calls.

    The right tool

    The BA space3 was released at just the right time for the EV industry. In order for electric vehicles to become viable for the average consumer, producing the right parts on the manufacturing side needs to be straightforward and cost effective. SW is playing its role to support the shift. When it comes to the machining of large-volume workpieces made of light metal such as battery trays, support frames and structural components, there is no better option on the market. If EVs are to become the more attractive option for consumers, manufacturers must first choose the right equipment.