Takachiho America Inc  

500 Park Blvd. Suite 75C
Itasca,  IL  60143-3175

United States
  • Booth: 3042

      Takachiho America provides the most efficient automatic, maintenance free, small foot print cyclonic filter on the market. Our cyclonic filter is capable of removing 98% of steel, iron, aluminium, sludge and sediment between 4 millimeters and 10 micron. It also removes 70% of contamination between 10 and 5 micron. Our cyclonic filter ranges between 8 liters per minute (5 gallons) to 200 liters per minute (52 gallons) for our standard models. If you require more flow rate for your application we offer custom manufactured units for any size above 200 liters per minute. Our filters work on individual sumps, central systems, and custom out-of-line kidney loops with your existing pump. If you are interested in our filter, we can provide a unit, free of charge, for up to 3 weeks fo you to test with your application. Most of our customers use our filters with grinding, washing, ultrasonic washing, turning, edm, machining center, honing, and broaching machines. We are very interested in machine manufacturer partnerships as well. If you are having trouble with chips, fines or sludge, or if you are a machine manufacturer please consider stopping by our booth for more information. 


  • TK Cyclonic filters "FILSTAR"
    FILSTAR operates with liquid flow (such as coolant) and remove any 10-micon or larger particles from the water base coolant liquid....

  • A hybrid of Centrifugal Separator and Liquid Cyclonic filters. A maintenance free, incredibly cost saving, ever-durable elementless filters for separation of particle in microscopic sizes of 10 microns to 2mm. Sizes from 2gpm to 530gpm and more!