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SURFACE ALLIANCE CLEANING CORP. is a company based out of Texas to back up and further develop our business in the U.S.A and Canada.

The Alliance is an international partnership of Cleanliness O.E.M. that was created 24 years ago. Each member (HEMO, LPW, MecanoLav & Washtech) brings some unique technologies, this collaboration bring together our strength on sales, service and R&D to serve better our customers.

Our members are present worldwide and cover a wide range of cleanliness technologies available on the market, so we are always confident to offer the best solution for your needs.


  • MF5.0
    The MF5.0 equipment is made for the one piece flow production system to ensure very high production rate (30 seconds cycle time). It's compact and efficient to ensure special cleanliness standards such as ISO 16232 and VDA19.


  • The MF5.0 machine ensure a high cleaning rate from 20 to 60 seconds depending on the type of parts and their complexity! Her concept has been created to be integrated into production line with a short footprint to reduce technician walking time. (22 ft² floor space and 28" wide).

    This cleaning ystem has been developed for the high pace industry, this equipment use the “one-piece flow” concept with a short cycle time (no batch, no buffer).

    The machine is modular and easily upgradeable, quick change over in less than 5min, possibility to add a rotating table to ensure loading/unloading in masked time during the cleaning cycle.

    Overall the MF5.0 system consumes 2 times less energy and around 4 times less water than the traditional Tunnel or Carrousel system type.

    HEMO couple decades ago created solvent cleaning machine under vacuum and vapor degreasing in one chamber. Their process can also work as a hybrid process with a combination of aqueous solution and solvent....

  • The SOLVACS vacuum degreasing machine is available in 5 different sizes, depending on the dimensions and the volume of the parts to be processed. (for special applications, the work chamber can be custom-made)

    This vacuum degreasing machine meets the highest requirements for marks free cleaning / degreasing and drying performance.

    The entire system in contact with the solvent (<100 mbar) works under vacuum to make it possible to clean at a temperature above the flash point of the solvent in both immersion and steam phase.

    More than a degreasing machine, SOLVACS incorporates continuous distillation of the solvent to ensure optimal life and repeatable results. In addition to that, an additional distillation minimizes the solvent content (<10%) in the waste being discharged. Water and other substances are automatically removed at low boiling temperatures by the desaturation process.

  • LPW PowerJet
    LPW and his PowerJet is a specialist in high-quality systems and processes for industrial parts cleaning based on aqueous media. This high purity cleaning system use the CNp technology for industries such as semiconductor, medical, optic etc......

  • The PowerJet cleaning machine is available in 3 standard overall dimensions depending on the size of the parts to be processed and the volume of parts to be processed. (for special applications, the working chamber can be custom-made) The PowerJet has also his new compact version who is just under 43 ft².

    CNp technology ensures an ultra-efficient cleaning of complex geometries such as grooves, blind holes and narrow channels without attacking the surface of the parts. As part of the PowerJet, the CNp opens up new cleaning opportunities in many areas: cleaning capillary components, depowdering after additive manufacturing and disenfection of medical instruments (MD).

    The PowerJet allows the use of the well-known cleaning and drying processes (such as infrared) according to the expected cleanliness requirements.

    Operating in a closed circuit, excellent fluid treatment is essential to achieve repeatable cleanliness results and drains the bath regularly.

    For highly sensitive cleaning applications, PowerJet’s design is upgraded to be a transition between the grey room and the cleanroom.