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For nearly three decades LANG has been a well known and well respected manufacturer of first class workholding equipment, zero-point clamping systems and automation.
The next Generation of workholding was created with the Quick-Point zero-point clamping system and the versatile Makro-Grip center vises with accessories, which together with the Grip-Fix stamping technology creates a overall solution in effectively reducing set-up times.
In 2008 we opened a subsidiary in Waukesha, WI to serve the needs of the US market. Our philosophy here at LANG Technovation is in order to provide the best possible customer service we do not only have to offer the best possible customer support we also have to strive to manufacture our products locally.
In 2011 we moved to a larger facility in Hartland, WI to accommodate the growing demand of our products. Now we have more products readily in stock.
In December 2013 we expanded by adding the neighboring unit and doubling our space. This provided us with much needed capacity to add new products and for future needs. It was important to add this extra space to serve our growing number of customers with the same short lead times we had been providing over the years. We would like to thank all of our customers for making this move necessary.
To offer more services in the USA, machines and staff were added in Wisconsin in early 2014 along with a brand new showroom, fully equipped with Lang automation and workholding products. Please stop by and give us the opportunity to show you our innovative workholding and automation solutions!
We are looking forward to a long term relationship with our customers and we are excited to serve the American market with our innovative products.


  • RoboTrex
    RoboTrex is a pre-engineered CNC machine tending solution for any 5-axis CNC, VMC, and/or HMC
    -No need for robot programmers or technicians to set-up and operate
    -Can tend TWO CNCs
    -ZERO change-over
    "We Make Automation Easy"

  • RoboTrex was developed in Germany by LANG to make LANG vises. After perfecting the system they went to market in Europe with great success. The Metalcraft Automation Group (MAG) was aked to team up with LANG in the USA, so we used the original design, and "Americanized" it by using US steel, US controls components, and US labor. We still import the high quality LANG vises, carts, docking stations, and grippers that make RoboTrex superior and easy to use.

    Combined with Metalcrafts years of automation experience, RoboTrex USA has a clear advantage over the competition when it comes to overall value proposition.

    RoboTrex benefits:

    • No need to hire robot programmers or technicians to set-up and operate RoboTrex
      • We can train anyone in 5 minutes
    • Using LANG vises makes the system easy to use, operate and change-over
      • NO NEED TO EVER CHANGE THE ROBOT PROGRAM FOR DIFFERENT SIZED PARTS, because the robot picks up the LANG vise, so it doesn't matter what's in the vise - there is only ever ONE PROGRAM REQUIRED
      • You can operate and HOME the robot easily from the color touch screen
    • RoboTrex is professionally installed and we usually get your system up and running in 3 work days - including training
    • The RoboTrex modular design makes the system very flexible and allows us to offer many configurations to best suit your needs
      • 1-Cart, 2-Carts or 4-Carts
      • 52 series vises and/or 96 series vises
      • Front loading or Side Loading
      • 1 or 2 machines at the same time
    • There is no need to add expensive utility upgrades to your machines for clamping, because RoboTrex can either mechanically lock the vises into place or pneumatically lock the vises through the robot gripper
    • RoboTrex = Consistent results!
      • Some of our customers are getting 400% more spindle on time - that's BIG
      • Loading the carts takes literally 30 minutes or less and you can get up to 168 parts in queue - how much spindle-on-time is that for 30 minutes worth of labor?
    • RoboTrex can be integrated to any new or existing 5-axis CNCs, VMCs, HMCs and/or lathes
    • Increase your on-time-delivery
    • Show your customers that you are investing in them, so they can give you more work

    "We Make Automation Easy" - let us do all the work

    • We will help you pick the right solution
    • We will help with floor layouts
    • We will provide project management throughout the entire process
    • We will professionally install your system
    • You will need to provide the machines, power, and air - and let us do the rest!

  • Quick•Point® Modular System
    A new type of plate within the Quick•Point® system now makes zero-point clamping even easier....

  • A new type of plate within the Quick•Point® system now makes zero-point clamping even easier. With the expandable modular plates, which can be flexibly adapted to any machine table, users operate up to five clamping units in succession mechanically with just one tightening screw. This is due to a new patented clamping mechanism within the modular plates, which ensures even higher pull-down forces and activates the complete zero-point set-up at the same time.

    This has nothing but advantages for the operation of the zero-point clamping system. Thus, moduar plates lined up in a row can always be conveniently operated from the front or from the side. The installation of the modular plates on the machine table also offers great time-saving potential, since the zero-point plates are connected to each other via precisely fitting connecting pieces, making additional alignment of the zero-point plates to each other unnecessary.

    Modular plates provide an excellent basis for setting up workholding and clamping systems that are clamped across multiple zero-point units, such as large component and plate clamping with Makro•Grip® Ultra.

    The new Quick•Point® modular plates with 96 mm zero-point grid are available in two versions: As a single plate and as a double plate. The maximum length connection consists of two double and one single plate that can be clamped together at the same time.

    The most important facts again at a glance:

    Mechanical clamping of several plates with only one tightening screw
    Can be combined in y-direction up to 960 mm length (5 clamping units)
    Flexibly adaptable to any machine table
    Pull-down forces of up to 12,000 N
    No additional alignment of several plates to each oth

  • Quick•Point® 52/96, Combo Grid Plate
    Combo plates combine the two grid dimensions 52 and 96 mm in one zero-point plate....

  • Combo plates combine the two grid dimensions 52 and 96 mm in one zero-point plate. Due to the combined zero-point grid, all LANG vises can be used in one plate, which saves time especially during changeover. Combo plates are available in square, rectangular and round versions and are also available in 60 and 100mm risers!