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Kaiser Manufacturing makes custom, rigid-foam workspace organizers for tool control, travel cases, reusable packaging, and parts kitting or part pallets. Kaizen Shadow Foam® helps protect expensive equipment like gauges and saves time trying to find the right tool for the job. Promote lean manufacturing, control company assets, & eliminate foreign object debris (FOD) with Kaizen Shadow Foam®.


  • Tool Caddy
    The Safer Way to Store Assembled CNC Cutting Tools...

  • Tool Caddy™ is a compact storage solution for assembled CNC tooling. The narrow stainless-steel rack features up to 82 locking, horizontal pockets for CAT 40 or HSK 63 tool holders.

    The horizontal arrangement of the tool pockets greatly improves machinist safety. Traditional tool racks and carts keep tools in a vertical position with the cutter tip pointing up. This creates a risk of injury for operators when they need to reach over sharp edges to access other tools in the middle or back of the cart. The Tool Caddy design makes it easy and convenient for the operator to grab each toolholder without any risk of cuts, and it uses only about 4 square feet of floor space.

    Each tool pocket is slightly angled to safely support the tool while allowing coolant to run off the tool tip and collect in the integrated drip pan. This further improves safety by keeping fluid spills off the shop floor.

    Tool Caddy is practical and convenient for tool storage next to the machine, by the pre-setter, or for organizing special tool sets. It is available for all major spindle interfaces including CAT 50, HSK 100, BT and Capto.

    Watch the Tool Caddy video: https://youtu.be/aa-BZlU3GNA

  • Kaizen Shadow Foam
    Kaiser Manufacturing makes custom Shadow Foam for tool control, travel cases, pallets, and reusable packaging....

  • Kaiser Manufacturing designs and fabricates custom tool foam inlays for toolboxes, workstations, travel cases and reusable packaging. The company fills the need for a custom solution that is superior to hand-cut tool foam in both function and appearance.

    “The problem we solve for our customer is how to create a custom foam inlay for their unique mix of tools and accessories,” said Nic Kaiser, Operations Manager. “No two shops have the same set up, so we introduced portable 3D scanners to quickly capture the layout for a full drawer of tools.”

    The two-color material, called Kaizen Shadow Foam®, is a durable and closed-cell polyethylene that is dust-free, resistant to oils and solvents, and can be cleaned. It is a popular choice in lean manufacturing environments, 5S initiatives, and for FOD prevention.

    “A lot of companies invest in top-quality tooling, gauges and other equipment but don’t protect that investment in the shop,” explains Chris Kaiser, company Founder. “When expensive cutting tools or collets or holders shift around in drawers, they are easily damaged. Proper storage reduces both damage and waste.” 

    There are additional benefits to this type of tool organization. It saves time when an operator can reach a tool without searching. Shift changes are smooth when everything is in its place. Contrasting colors aid in creating a visual workspace and highlight missing tools, which improves asset retention and reduces spending on replacement tools. 

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