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shopGURU® is the ultimate CNC machining software for machine shop owners and their operators. shopGURU® is a leading digital work instruction software designed to improve the productivity of manufacturing and industrial processes. This software captures tribal knowledge by allowing workers to record and share their processes with their colleagues. With ShopGuru, work instructions are available at the operator's fingertips, enabling them to execute tasks quickly and efficiently. This reduces the dependency on skilled workforces, as less experienced workers can access critical information to perform complex operations. Overall, shopGURU® streamlines workflows, reduces errors, and improves the overall efficiency of manufacturing and industrial processes.


  • shopGURU®
    Convert Tribal Knowledge into Institutional Knowledge...

  • shopGURU® is an innovative software product that empowers CNC operators of any skill level to execute complex machining tasks with ease. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, shopGURU® enables operators to access work instructions, tooling information, and other critical data at their fingertips. This helps operators to reduce errors and improve efficiency, regardless of their level of expertise. By leveraging the power of digital work instructions, shopGURU® helps machine shops to empower their operators to perform at their best, improving productivity and reducing costs.