Pascal Engineering Inc  

64 W Seegers Rd
Arlington Hts,  IL  60005-3917

United States
  • Booth: 5516

Pascal offers automated solutions for workholding, including a wide array of clamping systems, work supports, locators, and a brakeless rotary indexer. Pascal’s approach to workholding allows for the use of smaller machines and the potential to add machines into your facility, increasing production capacity. Our product line includes: Swing clamps, link clamps and work supports to sensing clamps, ID hole clamps, expansion clamps, pallet clamps, and locators.

 Press Releases

  • Pascal will be at Eastec presenting our workholding line for cnc machining that includes link clamps, expansion clamps, swing clamps, work supports as well as our new compatible clamp model that can be used interchangeably with other widely used brands. Many of our clamps include sensors that can detect loading and setting misses. Our sensing clamps help to boost high speed production as they can be sychonized with workpiece lifters. They can prevent machining failure due to mis clamping. To learn more please drop by and visit us at booth 5516! We hope to see you there!
  • If you have a jig with unreliable clamping, it can be difficult to find a good replacement since modification to the jig would be necessary. You may find yourself replacing the unreliable clamps over and over. Pascal’s clamp PLA can help in situations like these.

    Pascal’s double-acting swing clamp PLA is compatible with many widely used brands, so it can replace unreliable clamps without modifying the jig. Its durability will ensure that machining operations can continue seamlessly, and you will not have to keep replacing clamps.

    It is available for upper and lower flanges.

    Manifold piping and SAE4 port piping are also available.

    • O-ring included.
    • The flow control valve (model VCS) is mountable on the SAE4 ports.
  • When it comes to production, the more machining centers the merrier since that means more parts can be produced at once time. Space is often limited, so to accommodate small #30 machining centers, Pascal’s indexer model MDT was designed with a small footprint. 

    The rotary joint has 18 ports for hydraulics and air, and 2 for coolant, optimized for clamping.

    Pascal’s 2-axis model MDT is a brakeless, high-speed, and compact indexer that optimizes the machining process for #30 small machining centers.

    It can help to speed up production with a tact time of 0.8 seconds per index.

    The double axis along with the roller gear allows it to maintain high precision with stable performance for long periods of time.

    It is 34” long and lightweight, weighing just under 500 lbs.

    The maximum work size for large machines is a diameter of Φ400.


  • Roller Gear Index Table MDF
    Compact, Brakeless Roller Gear Index Table for CNC Machining Operations....

  • The rolling transmission of the MDF is maintenance free and keeps the initial accuracy for a long time, providing high speed indexing. 
    Compact: 18 ports plus 2 for coolant.
    Brakeless: Reduces the tact time during machining operations, resulting in excellent productivity. 
  • Compatible Swing Clamp
    Double-acting swing clamp PLA

  • -Compatible with many widely used brands
    -No jig modification necessary
    -Available for upper and lower flanges
  • Air Clamp Mini
    Double-acting swing or link clamps...

  • -Extremely small models

    -Pictured with a coin to show scale