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United States
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ZOLLER is a technology-focused global company that has been developing innovative tool presetting, measuring, balancing, heat shrinking and inspection machines as well as Tool Management Solutions software for optimal management of cutting tools for over 75 years.

Our portfolio of solutions ranges from tool presetting, tool inspection, tool balancing and shrinking machines to toolholders, integrated automation and tool storage options and Tool Management Solutions software with interfaces to most major CAD/CAM and simulation software programs.

The ZOLLER brand stands for technological innovation, a consistent commitment to quality and a sense of efficiency. Our integrated hardware and software solutions are developed in-house to provide verifiable productivity increases and can grow with the challenges of the future of modern manufacturing.

Innovation is a part of everyday life at ZOLLER, and the company has long recognized the opportunities digitization holds for manufacturing. ZOLLER has sales, aftersales, service and software development teams based in our U.S. headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, that are exclusively focused on the needs and requirements of the North American customer base.  


  • ZOLLER »genius« measuring solution
    The ZOLLER »genius« universal measuring machine ensures your cutting tools are inspected quickly and precisely. Measuring results are transferred to your grinding machines with a simple click, saving time and guaranteeing quality every time....

  • Universal measuring machines in the »genius« series blend high-performing software, smart ergonomic elements and comprehensive automatic functions.

    With a ZOLLER »genius« measuring machine, you can measure almost any feature of the tool, no matter its complexity. The machine's measurement program generates the optimal measuring procedure based on selected parameters, creating a process that's fully automatic, repeatable and offers photo-realistic parameter selections.

    More than 1,000 of these machines have been installed at tool manufacturing and grinding facilities around the world.

  • ZOLLER »toolBalancer« balancing solution
    The ZOLLER »toolBalancer« merges state-of-the-art technology and an ergonomic design to increase your process reliability and the quality of your components, reduce machine maintenance and prevent machine failures....

  • The ZOLLER »toolBalancer 550/750« machine series achieves micron-precise accuracy each time to give you optimally balanced tools. This not only provides a high-quality part, but it also extends your spindle run time and conserves tool life.

    The »toolBalancer« relies on a deliberate center offset in the balancing adapter when measuring and balancing tools. The adapter is designed with a two-point contact and a pressure element, enabling a large and more measurable sensor signal that translates to highly precise results.

    Machines in this series are also TÜV-certified to UL/CSA standards.

  • ZOLLER »powerShrink« heat shrinking solution
    With ZOLLER's »powerShrink« heat shrinking solution, you save time, reduce electricity costs and protect shrink-fit toolholders, thanks to the reliable interaction of electronics, software and mechanics and a well-conceived, reliable shrink process....

  • The »powerShrink 400/600« machine series combines speed, safety and flexibility.

    This inductive shrinking device shrink-clamps and unclamps in record time, shortening the setup times for your production processes.

    The entire process takes less than 60 seconds — under 10 seconds to heat-shrink and another 40 seconds to safely cool.

    The ZOLLER induction coil features two parallel-connected windings that can be activated and controlled separately, depending on the clamp diameter and length. This allows optimum energy input into the clamping area, which accelerates the heating and cooling processes, protects your toolholders and saves up to 30% of electricity costs.