Combined Metals  

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Hampshire,  IL  60140

United States
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Combined Metals is the premier independent processor and distributor of precision specialty strip and wire. With an integrated network of precision rolling mills, drawing mills, and service centers throughout North America, Combined Metals supports thousands of customers in the Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical Processing, Consumer, Defense, Electronics, Medical, Oil/Gas, and Power Generation industries worldwide. Decades of quality and reliability have made Combined Metals companies the preferred source for high-performance applications.

Combined Metalso offers three core businesses:

Combined Metals Service Centers brings global sourcing to a network of service centers supplying precision strip, custom slitting, sheet, blanks, and coil-to-coil polishing in stainless steel and other specialty alloys.

Elgiloy Specialty Metals is a global supplier of high-performance nickel cobalt, titanium, and specialty alloy precision strip and wire products for mission-critical applications.

Gibbs Interwire is a processor and distributor of spring wire, specialty wire, and precision strip in stainless, carbon, and specialty alloys with deep expertise in spring applications, precision slitting, edging, and oscillate winding.


  • Spring Wire Products
    Gibbs Interwire & Elgiloy Specialty Metals provides standard stock and precision-drawn wire products in carbon, stainless, nickel, cobalt, titanium, and other specialty alloys. Strand, jacket, and brush wire is also available....

  • Wire Products

    Round Wire:

    Size Range:
    Min   0.001 in 
    Max   0.875

    Shaped, Flat and Square Wire


    Carbon Steel: Music Wire, Phosphate Coated Music Wire, Corrostan Music Wire, Preco Z Music Wire, Preco N Music Wire, OTMB Spring Wire Class I, OTMB Spring Wire Class II, OT Chrome Vanadium CQ, OT Chrome Vanadium VQ, OT Chrome Silicon CQ, OT Chrom Silicon VQ, Hard Drawn MB Spring Wire, Galvanized Hard Drawn MB Spring Wire Class I, Bright Low Carbon, Galv Bright Low Carbon, 

    Stainless Steel: 302, 302 Nickel Coated, 304, 316/316L, 17-7PH, 17-7PH Nickel Coated

    Specialty Metals: 

    • A-286
    • HASTELLOY® B-3 alloy
    • HASTELLOY® C-2000 alloy
    • HASTELLOY® C-22 alloy
    • HASTELLOY® C-276 alloy
    • HASTELLOY® C-4 alloy
    • HASTELLOY® X alloy
    • HAYNES® 214 alloy
    • HAYNES® 230 alloy
    • HAYNES® 242 alloy
    • HAYNES® 263 alloy
    • HAYNES® 282 alloy
    • INCOLOY® 825
    • INCOLOY® 925
    • INCONEL® Alloy 600
    • INCONEL® Alloy 601
    • INCONEL® Alloy 625
    • INCONEL® Alloy 718
    • INCONEL® Alloy X-750
    • MONEL® 400
    • MONEL® K500
    • NIMONIC® 90
    • NI SPAN® C 902
    • RENE® 41

    Red Metals: Phos Bronze Spring Wire


    • Catch Weight Coil
    • Carriers
    • Spools
    • Reels
    • Cores


    • AMS 5688 (302 Stainless Steel)
    • AMS 5678 (17-7 Stainless Steel)
    • AMS 5699 (Inconel 750 Spring Wire)
    • ASTM-B166 (Inconel 600)
    • ASTM A 227 (HDMB-Hard Drawn MB Spring Wire)
    • ASTM A 228 (Phosphate Coated, Corrostan, Preco “N” Preco “Z”)
    • ASTM A 229 (Oil Tempered MB Spring Wire-Class I,II)
    • ASTM A 230 (Oil Tempered Carbon Valve Spring Wire)
    • ASTM A 231 (Chrome Vanadium Wire-Commercial Quality)
    • ASTM A 232 (Chrome Vanadium Wire-Valve Spring Quality)
    • ASTM A 313 (302, 316, 17-7 Stainless Steel)
    • ASTM A 401 (Chrome Silicon Wire-Commercial Quality)
    • ASTM A 764 (Galvanized Hard Drawn MB Spring Wire Class I)
    • ASTM A 877 (Chrome Silicon Wire-Valve Spring Quality)
    • ASTM B 159 (Phosphor Bronze Spring Wire)
  • Stainless Steel Strip
    Stainless Steel Strip...

  • Combined Metals Companies provide precision rolled stainless steel strip as light as .0008" up to .105 and as wide as 40" through our Elgiloy Specialty Metals.  Our four rolling mills are located in three facilities in Hampshire, IL, Elgin, IL, and our newest in Bristol, CT.

    In addition to precision rolling, we offer 12 service centers in the US, Canada, and Mexico providing slit coil products through our Combined Metals Service Centers and Gibbs Interwire.

    Stainless Steel Alloys

    Nickel Alloys

    Titanium Alloys

    Cobalt Alloys

  • Specialty Metals Strip
    Specialty Metals Strip...

  • Our Elgiloy Specialty Metals company provided rolled precision strip in gauges from .0008" up to .105" in widths up to a meter wide.  We are AS 9100D/ISO 9001:2015, P & W, Rolls Royce, Mitsubishi, BAE, and Nadcap accredited.

    We provide stainless, nickel, cobalt, titanium and other exotic alloys to demanding industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, chemical processing, medical, oil/gas and power generation.