ESI Electronic Products Corp  

109 Waterbury Rd
Prospect,  CT  06712-1223

United States
  • Booth: 5682

ESI is one of the leading suppliers of Displays and Motor controls for fitness and rehabilitation equipment. 

ESI provides custom solutions for fitness and rehabilitation equipment; these solutions incorporate advanced displays, controls, apps, and software, many with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi cloud connectivity. Whether your system needs simple LED-based displays or sophisticated 3D interactive graphics, we can incorporate the features your users require, with a wide range of options such as heart rate monitoring, sonar ranging, and network connectivity.

ESI provides 100% support for the life of the product, from conception, hardware and software engineering, prototyping, advanced manufacturing, and mass production, through after-sale service and support.

All our products are built to IPC standards and 100% tested in our high-tech ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing plant in Prospect CT. ESI also provides the Best-in-Class production footprint in Mexico and overseas for customers who require integrated global sourcing and supply chain.


  • Touch Consoles
    Controls multiple fitness equipment types
    Built-in workout programs and videos
    Runs multimedia entertainment and
    3rd party app...

  • 21” [63 cm] High-Resolution 1920x1280 Touch Screen Display with Multi-Touch and Gestures

    15.6” [40 cm] High-Resolution 1920x1280 Touch Screen Display with Multi-Touch and Gestures

  • Motor Control
    Powerful, quiet, efficient PWM belt speed control, incline control, and console
    power. Facilitates console requirements with adaptable control inputs and communication protocols....

  • 4 HP DC belt motor PWM drive • 1/2 HP AC incline motor drive • Solid state incline control with pot feedback • 12-volt console power supply; resettable fuse • RS422 serial control interface, Modbus protocol • TTL Serial control interface, custom protocol • Belt drive speed software controlled, no speed or IR compensation pots • Belt drive high-speed current and power limiting for all speed and load conditions • Belt foot plant cadence & stride length detection • Thermal monitoring and shutdown • Belt wear monitoring and reporting • Extensive monitoring & error reporting • AC line soft start limitation of inrush current on power up • Optional 45W, 60W power supply or 30W medical • Optional support for belt direction reversal • Optional support for belt braking