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MARPOSS is a world leader in measurement technology focused on improving quality and productivity while reducing manufacturing costs. Products include individual gauging components; in-process gauges and compensation systems for grinders and other machine tools; automatic measurement and inspection systems; hardware and software for data collection; tool, machine and process monitoring and control systems; and equipment for non-destructive testing. Markets served include automotive, aerospace, energy, biomedical, hi-tech, glass and general manufacturing. 

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    Eastec 2023
    Booth #5232

    Marposs Demonstrates I-Wave2 Wireless Handheld Gauge at Eastec 2023

    Auburn Hills, Michigan, DATELINE – Marposs, a world leader in measurement and process monitoring technologies, will demonstrate its I-Wave2 wireless manual gauge at Eastec in booth #5232. Featuring an integrated 1.8” color display and Bluetooth® wireless technology, the I-Wave2 gauge puts measurement directly into the user’s hand, helping to save time and money as well as avoiding operator mistakes. Its 24/7 inductive charging system in combination with a waterproof design create a robust product suitable for the most extreme shop floor environments.

    With a durable, ergonomically-designed handle and automatic orientation display, the I-Wave2 can also  transmit data to an industrial computer within a 10m distance. The I-Wave2 gauge features a bar graph column with measurement unit, good/scrap part indication, wireless strength and battery levels, confirmation of measurement transmission, and an Absolute/Relative option setting. Interchangeable nosepieces rapidly convert the gauge for ID, OD, depth, distance or countersink inspection.

    Prior to acquiring a measurement, the computer ‘s guided sequence system will light up the display screen, prompting the user to pick up the next I-Wave2 in the cycle. At Eastec, the I-Wave2 will be used in combination with a Marposs Merlin Plus™ embedded gauge computer, which enables the IWave2 to also achieve guided sequencing.

    The Merlin Plus offers six USB and two ethernet ports enabling connectivity to multiple data collection devices and the ability to measure up to 250 characteristics. Additionally, the new version features a wider (12”) true flat LCD screen capable of customized page display, a more robust design, and multiple capability enhancements.

    Complete information on the I-Wave2 wireless gauge can be found at MARPOSS wireless handle and the Merlin Plus at MARPOSS Premium gauge computer.  Or reach out by telephone at 248-370-0404, toll-free at 1-888-627-7677, or by email:

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    Marposs will demonstrate its I-Wave2 wireless and portable gauging system in conjunction with its Merlin Plus gauging computer at Eastec 2023.

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