Caron Engineering Inc  

116 Willie Hill Rd
Wells,  ME  04090

United States
  • Booth: 5359

CARON ENGINEERING INC. is an employee-owned company that has been developing advanced sensor and monitoring technology for the manufacturing industry since 1986. They have developed a suite of smart manufacturing solutions to reduce cycle times, promote unattended operations, drive down tooling costs, and minimize expensive damage to machines and work-holding.  

Products include:

TMAC 3.0 Real-time tool wear and breakage detection system with adaptive control feed rate optimization capability. TMAC maximizes tool life, reduces cycle time, allows unattended operation, and stops extreme conditions in their tracks. The new browser-based user-interface allows remote access to live monitoring and system control from any network connected device. 

AutoCompProcesses electronic gauge data and calculates and compensates tool offsets in the CNC control automatically; providing fast, error-free tool offset control.

DTect-ITDetects irregularities anywhere on your CNC machine using high precison sensors and a multitude of analysis options.  Prominant applications include vibration analysis, bar feeder vibration detection, spindle bearing analysis, tool wear monitoring, signature analysis, and surface roughness detection.

ToolConnectReduces setup time and eliminates human error by automating the tool load process; ToolConnect is a customizable tool data management system that uses RFID tags embedded in tool holders and 2D barcodes to transfer tool presetter data directly to the machine control. 

CEI Smart LightIntuitive status light system with over 1000 available modes and programmable audible alarm; to indicate any machine status or condition.

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