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ProShop is a comprehensive web-based and totally paperless shop management system for small to medium manufacturing companies. ProShop was built on the shop floor of a machine shop for nearly 20 years. It is built to manage the complex manufacturing environment better than anything else on the market - by an order of magnitude. Never before has there been a system that gives you such insight into every detail of your manufacturing company. ProShop is best described as a Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem (DME). It is 100% paperless, and combines the features found in ERP, MES, QMS, CMMS, and other software categories for machine shops, fabricators, job shops, contract manufacturers and others in regulated industries who need tight controls on their process and want exacting and timely information to make the best and most profitable decisions. 

 Press Releases

  • (Mar 21, 2023)

    ProShop SAFE™ (Secure Access File Ecosystem) offers the most secure and easiest cloud-based file management of any manufacturing ERP system on the market today. It is a revolutionary, simple and low cost way to ensure data security compliance to the NIST 800-171, ITAR and CMMC Level 2 standard. It keeps your data SAFE by ensuring that only authorized users have access to the files and folders that you allow permission to, all managed through your unified credentials and authentication of your ProShop login. ProShop SAFE™ dramatically limits the Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) footprint in the company, making compliance significantly easier and less costly.


    Don’t get caught being out of compliance and face the loss of contracts by using an ERP without sufficient security features. Combined with our AWS GovCloud hosting, our suite of features are designed to meet CMMC Level 2's compliance. ProShop SAFE™ helps to ensure your compliance to the CMMC and ITAR standards for managing access to Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and any other sensitive company or client data. ProShop is the ONLY shop management ERP/MES/QMS software on the market today specifically designed for the defense and aerospace CNC machining and manufacturing industry with these levels of security controls.


    There are so many reasons why limiting file access is critical in manufacturing environments. From meeting the CMMC and ITAR standards, to ensuring that an employee doesn’t accidentally delete or move a critical file. Let’s take a look at how ProShop SAFE™works.


    ProShop SAFE™ is a managed file store that translates into the browser experience. User definable File Security Access Groups (FSAG) within the User Module of ProShop enables security administrators to define permissions of all folders and files within the file store. The ProShop SAFE™ enables read/write/delete or forbidden access to any configuration of approved folders, subfolders and files the instant that a ProShop login is authenticated using the users ProShop credentials and 2 Factor Authentication (if enabled). Images and files stored within approved folders will also be available and visible in the ProShop browser interface. Those files can then be viewed and even manipulated entirely within the secure cloud file store and in-memory of the device, without ever having to have that file downloaded to the client device. This limits the footprint of where CUI is stored, and makes it considerably simpler to achieve the complex requirements of CMMC and ITAR control of CUI. As soon as the ProShop session is closed, the file store is instantly removed and access to any files within it is eliminated.