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Reliability, Quality, and Service.

Technology Education Concepts, Inc. (TEC) has been an “Experienced Provider of 3D Manufacturing Solutions and Teaching Labs” to Businesses, Educators, and Students for over 30 Years. Based in Concord, NH, TEC is a family-owned business started by an educator who is passionate about providing 3D Solutions in the fields of engineering, design, manufacturing and architecture. TEC has established itself as a trusted resource for innovative, quality products for design and manufacturing coupled with superior customer support and service.

  • Provider of 3D Manufacturing Solutions including:
    • Desktop and Industrial 3D Printers / Rapid Prototyping
    • 3D Scanners for Reverse Engineering and Inspection
    • Digital Graphic Printers and Cutters
    • Laser Engravers and Cutters
    • MakerSpace Equipment / Furniture
    • STEM Training Labs
    • Industrial Technical Training Systems
    • Consulting Services
  • Superior Technical Support and On-site Service
  • Product Training and Professional Development

Approved UltiMaker 3D Printers "Preferred Partner" and Service Center.

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  • UltiMaker S7 3D Printer
    Take your 3D printing experience to the next level. Packed with the latest technology, the S7 includes an integrated Air Manager, flexible build plate, and fully automatic bed leveling to print high-quality parts and models more easily and reliably....

  • Introducing the UltiMaker S7. UltiMaker took everything their customers love about the award-winning S5… And made it even better.

    Over 25,000 customers innovate with the UltiMaker S5 every day, making this award-winning machine one of the market’s best-loved professional 3D printers.

    Print removal speeds to flex about
    Remove parts effortlessly with the PEI-coated flexible build plate. 25 magnets and 4 alignment pins allows you to replace it perfectly – reducing the time spent using the UltiMaker S7 and increasing productivity.

    Easy printing. Easy breathing
    The integrated Air Manager on the UltiMaker S7 is independently tested to remove up to 95% of ultrafine particles from every print.* Not only does this increase air quality peace of mind, it also boosts print quality thanks to its fully enclosed build chamber.

    *Tested by Fraunhofer WKI. Only including UltiMaker materials.

    Probing makes perfect
    A new inductive print head sensor more accurately probes the build plate. And automatic tilt compensation removes the need for thumbscrew bed calibration. Together, these allow you to start a print and walk away – confident in a perfect first layer.

    Built-in flood prevention
    The redesigned print head features a sensor to detect potential flooding earlier. It also includes stronger magnets to ensure the print core door stays closed and a reversed front fan to reduce the need for cleaning and maintenance.

    Print monitoring in HD
    Checking on your print remotely via UltiMaker Digital Factory never looked better. The new 1080p camera in the UltiMaker S7 is mounted higher to give a better view of the first layers. A continuous video feed update is coming later in 2023.

    More Ways the S7 Delivers Better 3D Printing for You:

    Stay connected
    The UltiMaker S7 adds 5 GHz Wi-Fi compatibility, which cuts through interference to improve network stability, resulting in a more reliable wireless signal. This is especially useful for companies that only allow connections via the 5 GHz band.

    More materials = More applications
    When you can simply click and print with over 280 materials, the potential for 3D printing applications becomes limitless. These material profiles (including engineering, composite, and recycled filaments) have been tested for thousands of hours by their manufacturers and users in the field.

    Part of the S-series family
    The UltiMaker S7 was created with compatibility in mind. This means that, if you own an UltiMaker S5, your entire digital library of S5 print files will work flawlessly on the S7 – with no reslicing needed.

    Installed in 7 steps
    From unboxing to power on, installing the UltiMaker S7 takes about 30 minutes. Just scan the QR code on the box and follow the steps of the new digital unboxing guide. This makes it easy to start 3D printing high-quality parts and models from day 1 of ownership.

  • UltiMaker METHOD Series 3D Printers
    Print high-quality production of tools and end-use parts using a specific range of engineering-grade materials with high repeatability and dimensional accuracy using 1.75 mm filament....

  • Replace metal parts with 3D printed Carbon Fiber on METHOD

    Print carbon fiber reinforced nylon and other engineering-grade composite parts with three-dimensional strength and accuracy like never before on METHOD’s unique industrial desktop platform.

    Carbon fiber reinforced nylon is optimized for high strength, stiffness, and heat resistance making it ideal for structural applications and metal replacements.

    • Excellent strength to weight ratio - 110 MPa TS - for lightweighting applications such as robotic end effectors
    • Engineering-grade stiffness - 7600 MPa Tensile Modulus - for structural applications such as vehicular brackets and inspection gauges
    • High heat resistance under load - 184°C HDT - for optimal under-hood and tooling applications 

    METHOD’s unique industrial feature set produces carbon fiber parts with superior three-dimensional strength and accuracy.

    • METHOD’s Heated Chamber delivers parts that are strong and and accurate.
    • Outstanding surface finish that hides layer lines thanks to METHOD’s Ultra-Rigid Metal Frame.
    • Print the most complex geometries including internal cavities with soluble support, or use breakaway support for faster print times.
    • METHOD’s sealed filament bays help keep the material dry, resulting in better print quality and reliability, and METHOD’s pre-print spool drying feature allows for the recovery of oversaturated filament.


    • Circulating Heated Chamber
    • Includes MakerBot Composite and Support Performance Extruders
    • Dry-Sealed Material Bays
    • Pre-Print Material Drying
    • Post-Wash Part Annealing
    • Ultra-Rigid Metal Frame
    • MakerBot Cloud Connected


    METHOD 60°C | METHOD X 110°C

    ± 0.2mm / ±0.007in 1

    Maximum Capability: 20 - 400 micron

    Single Extrusion
    19 L x 19 W x 19.6 H cm / 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.75 in
    Dual Extrusion
    15.2 L x 19 W x 19.6 H cm / 6.0 x 7.5 x 7.75 in

    100 - 240 V
    3.9A - 1.6A, 50/60 Hz
    400 W max.

    100 - 240 V
    8.1A - 3.4A, 50/60 Hz
    800 W max.