Wolfram Manufacturing Technologies  

9601 Dessau Rd Ste 104
Austin,  TX  78754-3988

United States
  • Booth: 1640

Wolfram Manufacturing Technologies is a vertically integrated advanced technology and manufacturing company. Wolfram runs what is best described as a production technology lab, which is both a working machine shop and a technology consulting firm helping OEM’s with tools like adaptive machining and OnTakt, a production monitoring software. Wolfram focuses on developing and integrating manufacturing technologies to create robust processes that make manufacturing safe, reliable, and competitive. Wolfram is a certified integrator for Smart Manufacturing Solutions from Caron Engineering covering the western half of the United States.


  • OnTakt Production Monitoring Software
    Visualize your Entire Shop in Real-Time.

    OnTakt enables machine shops of all sizes to easily leverage data to increase productivity and profitability....

  • Understand your shop floor quickly and make decisions proactively.

    Real-time machine monitoring enables you to quickly see what machines are behind schedule, which machines have excess capacity, and which machines can benefit from other process improvements like TMAC from Caron Engineering or robotic automation.

    Reduce downtime with real-time notifications

    OnTakt saves over $8,000 per machine every year as a result of real-time notifications.

    Reduce unexpected downtime with real-time notifications through Slack and Teams. Leverage preemptive notifications to plan ahead for expected machine downtime from tool changes, maintenance, and changeovers.

    Visualize tool life to prevent unexpected machine stoppages

    Tracking tool life and managing inventory with OnTakt can save over $10,000 per year.

    Leveraging OnTakt to track tool life enables predictive notifications for upcoming tool changes. Grouping tool changes can significantly reduce machine downtime. Managing inventory with our smart ordering engine prevents costly tooling stockouts.

    Reduce the burden on Operators and Employees

    OnTakt pays for itself every month by freeing up employee time for more effective tasks.

    OnTakt frees up time from machine operators, shop supervisors, and operations managers by providing clean, actionable, and easy to access data. Instant access to data allows employees to make smarter decisions faster.